LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Nevada's mask mandate now aligns with CDC guidance released last week, saying that fully vaccinated Nevadans from different households can now gather safely outdoors without masks.

But some business leaders said that they feel the governor's directive fails to address one big question: How will you know which of your patrons are fully vaccinated -- and can you even ask?

"How are we gonna find out? I don't know. Is it gonna be like when you ask for a drink, you have to show your id that you're over 21? Maybe the same way that you're vaccinated right?" said Pablo Rodriguez owner of Made in Argentina. His restaurant features outdoor patio dining.

But the new guidance applies to businesses across the Las Vegas Valley from small outdoor patios to sprawling outdoor orchards. At Gilcrease Orchard, a nonprofit business, the director said they are mostly instilling trust in their customers to do the right thing.

"If you're out here by yourself, I mean, it's 60 acres. So you can socially distance pretty well, so we're not gonna be busting anyone's chops about that," said Mark Ruben, the orchard's director.

He said he feels it would take too long to check people's vaccine statuses, and added that it might create unnecessary tension.

"It would be kind of awkward and I think it would create a lot more friction between us and the customers that probably weren't vaccinated. And so we don't want to have that friction," said Ruben.

He also added that most patrons wear their masks all the time now anyway, and that he believes we've moved past the education phase.

"The main thing is that we want to make sure you're wearing masks around other people like at the checkout stands, when you're cashing out," said Ruben.

So what are county leaders' thoughts on the matter?

"We're evaluating it today," said Clark County Commission Chairwoman Marilyn Kirkpatrick. "We're waiting for some answers from the CDC on what that looks like, and when we get some direction or some guidance for businesses, we'll be able to share that."

Kirkpatrick said she doesn't believe anything has really changed yet.

"What I think that that probably means is: for folks that are with their family members in the park, they probably don't have to wear their masks. But I just, I don't think it makes a difference for business at this point," said Kirkpatrick.

Coronavirus mask generic

What about masks in poolside gatherings?

The Nevada Gaming Control Board, which oversees the licenses of many Vegas Strip resorts, also confirmed that there has been little that has changed so far.

A research analyst said Tuesday that they're still "accessing the information," but that licensees still currently have the right to ask non-complying patrons to return at a different time with a face covering.

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(4) comments


It is way past time to get rid of the mask mandate. At this point, it is just that Sisiolak wants to exceed his power over us.


This insanity has to stop. We cannot be masked indefinitely! This is simply a political means to force so called normality by giving ultimatum about docalled numbers and vaccines. The only way to fight this is to force the issue 'en masse'. That is, stop wearing masks in large numbers.


Its the Flu... STOP LYING COMMUNISTS!!!!! Its not about health.. masks are UNHEALTHY breathing air is a human right. You lunatics harassing strangers about their health, right to breath in public are LUNATICS. Go hide at home...take the poison and drop dead. Gilcrease GFY. its an outdoor market. YOURE ALL BRAINWASHED AND INSANE.


So how are they going to tell those that are vaccinated, and those who are not? Vaccination cards can be forged. Or are they just going to brand us with the letter A on our forehead for anti- vaccers?

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