LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Businesses are learning of Clark County’s mask mandate for employees in public spaces. Business owners around Las Vegas must ensure that employees know about the mask requirement ahead of Thursday, July 22.

Businesses prepare for mask mandate

“They went and got vaccinated so they could take their masks off, it’s just a little confusing that now we are required to wear it again,” Patricia Olsen, owner of Coyote’s Café and Cantina in Henderson said.

Olsen said most of her employees have continued to wear a face mask even after Clark County dropped their face mask requirement on June 1. She said following the new order is no big deal to her, but questions how having some people mask up will impact the growing number of COVID-19 cases.

“I am not sure that it is going a make a huge difference with just being a few employees doing it,” Olsen said.

At Camp Rhino, owner Julie Johnston admits working out in a mask is a challenge and while she’d prefer social distancing, she isn’t against the new employee mask mandate.

“I am not an expert in whether or not we should be wearing masks, so I am just grateful that people who care about our safety and the safety of our community are just paying attention to all of that and we will do whatever is best for our community to keep them safe,” Johnston said.

Tim Brooks, co-owner of Emerald Island Casino in Henderson said they will follow Clark’s County’s mask order.

“We are going to adjust accordingly,” Brooks said.

Brooks said about 70% of his employees don’t wear a mask anymore so it will be a bit of an adjustment.

“Keep everybody safe, that is our main goal,” Brooks said.

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(10) comments


This isnt about HEALTH- its blatant tyranny. Masks are to humiliate and keep you faceless, stranger and silent. These people are sociopaths. Sisolak is a Communist and a criminal. He killed people by denying them medication to push the poison.


Jeezlouise do you ever stop and think about reality? Or do you just embrace the craziness that goes on in your mind?


Lyft and Uber drivers on strike today!!!


How sad this is. Many have received vaccinations and now they still have to wear masks? The message then, is that vaccinations are ineffective. Darn if you do and darn if you don't. You still get the shaft.


No the message is unvaccinated people need to get vaccinated to end the pandemic! The virus will continue to mutate as long as the virus has a host


The vaccine does not prevent a person from getting covid nor is it a cure. And who pays for the medical bills if a person has a bad reaction or is hospitalized after being vaccinated??!! Too many mixed msgs from the CDC.


Luvbaseball why do people like you choose to ignore the fact that never was it claimed that the vaccine offers 100% protection against the virus!?

It protects people from becoming seriously ill and being hospitalized.

It's only 95% effective at this so there is still a 5% chance off getting it really bad but there is still that small chance. Without the vaccine you are less protected and can end up seriously ill or even dead. If your one of the lucky ones who is healthy with no underlying health issues like heart disease, diabetes, obese etc. Then you most likely will be fine, but it's not always about YOU!


Yet its ok to let people cross the border by the thousands without requiring vaccinations! Then the CDC and govts wonder why the numbers are up.


GFY Commie- enjoy the poison wacko.


Yup I'm the wacko....

I and about 100 of my friends and family are fully vaccinated while your a coward running scared of a little shot in the arm that will save lives and put an end to a pandemic!

Even your master Donald Trump who ended up in hospital with covid is fully vaccinated....

Your pretty pathetic and delusional and it shows with your posts in these comment sections

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