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UPDATE (April 10): The city of Las Vegas approved Friday the curbside pickup and delivery of food and alcohol at brew pubs, according to a release.

"Many liquor establishments that only serve alcohol were interested in adding a restaurant component in order to allow curbside pickup or delivery," Directo of Communications David Riggleman said in a release. "The city of Las Vegas was able to provide a process where these establishments could get approved for a restaurant license by selling very basic food that requires some level of food preparation such as hot dogs/sausages on heated rollers or sandwich prep/assembly with a panini press."

Breweries impacted by closures reached out to the city to configure a process for curbside pickup and delivery by add meals to their menus, the release stated.


Business licensing is open. Since the Development Services Center is closed to the public without an appointment, you can email license@lasvegasnevada.gov or call 702-229-6281. Office hours are Monday to Thursday 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. We are experiencing high call volumes, so there may be long wait times.

UPDATE (April 6): In a notice posted on its website, Lee's Liquor says that it has temporarily stopped taking orders for delivery.

The post on Lee's Liquor's website reads:

Due to the overwhelming response to our delivery service, we have temporarily stopped taking delivery orders in order to catch up. We will resume taking delivery orders soon. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Original story continues below:

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) — The City of Las Vegas will allow liquor stores to deliver packaged alcohol while stores are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A spokesman for the city of Las Vegas confirmed that it is allowing the 16 liquor stores in the city to deliver packaged liquor. The city says that grocery stores are also currently eligible to be licensed for delivery of alcohol under certain circumstances. 

“The city is extending a similar opportunity to businesses that primarily engage in retailing of packaged alcoholic beverages, namely, liquor stores (as defined by code) that have a package license,” the city of Las Vegas said. 

Under a temporary permit, the city’s program allows liquor stores to also deliver alcoholic beverages under some of the same regulations that exist for grocery stores. 

The move to allow delivery still does not permit the business from being open to the public during the closure. 

Lee’s Liquor announced that it will offer delivery to customers during this time.

According to a post on its website, Lee’s Liquor says it has been permitted to offer delivery from select Las Vegas locations. The liquor retailer says customers can make orders online via its website  and over the phone. 

In compliance with Gov. Sisolak’s orders, Lee’s Liquors stores will remain closed. 

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(3) comments


It's all well and good that alcohol deliveries are temporarily available.

It's also good that marijuana dispensaries are allowed to deliver.

Here's the problem, you can get alcohol delivered regardless of address, business, hotel, residence, yet because of some law, marijuana dispensaries are only permitted to deliver to a residential address. Some if us live in Extended-Stay locations or monthly motels because of the costs and other reasons. Yet, technically through no fault of our own, we must travel or do without. Now granted, the alcohol deliveries are only temporary, marijuana deliveries are not. Now considering the current situation that the World must deal with, one would think that rules can also be laxed for marijuana deliveries. Why should a portion of the population, through no fault of their own do?

Alcohol has more power? We need to take a look at this.


Lee's Liquor should be allowed to be open and follow social distancing. Other stores sell liquor and it is unfair that Lee's should be shut down.


Why is Alcohol legal? and its use encouraged? because it weakens and eventually destroys your immune system. So drink up plebs. Enjoy your drink during the "pandemic".While you're at donate blood as well cause you don't need 10% of your white blood cells to fight a fake virus.

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