Clark County's family services department said they've seen a peak in interest for adoption during the pandemic.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The number of people interested in adopting a child has increased during the statewide shutdown, according to Clark County Family Services.

"I think the interest has peaked because folks are at home, they're hanging out with their family and adoption means family to folks. People are always looking for different ways to expand their family," said Lisa Martinez, Clark County Family Services manager.

The pandemic has also brought changes in the child adoption process.

Would-be adoptive parents are now being asked to complete information and training sessions virtually instead of attending them in person at Clark County Family Services.

"The other big piece that has changed for us is the adoption finalizations are actually taking place telephonically through family court but they're still happening," said Martinez.

From mid-March to the end of April, Family Services finalized more than 70 adoptions. 

"As shutdowns were happening, we learned that the courts were closing and that we wouldn't be able to have the adoption in person as we thought it would be," said new adoptive mother Chelsea Freund.

Freund adopted two children in April under the current conditions.

"April 7 was their date and I knew that we were going to be shut down, it was a little bit of a let down because of what I had imagined what it was going to be like," said Freund.

She wanted her family present and asked her mother to come out from Michigan for the court appearance.

Unfortunately, Freund got confirmation from Family Services over the phone. Instead of a welcome home party, Freund’s friends got creative.

"One of my friends had a great idea to do a safe, social distancing, drive-in adoption. So we actually met in a parking lot and everybody was in there own car, spaced out, stayed right by their trunk and we were able to celebrate their adoption in a unique special way that we'll never forget," said Freund.

Currently, about 100 children and teenagers in Clark County are looking for their forever homes.

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