LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Some Clark County School District teachers want teacher compliance training to change.

In the beginning of each year, staff has to watch more than a dozen videos about a number of mandated topics like sexual harassment and bullying. 

Teachers said changing these training videos comes up every year, but this year with distance learning, it’s even more of an issue because workloads have doubled.

"Our workloads have magnified under these conditions," said Jeremy Christensen. 

He's been a teacher with the district for 18 years and currently teaches math at Arbor View High School. 

"I think we usually have to watch about 16 videos and they vary in length. I’ve never added up the total time if I had to guess, I guess around 16 hours," he said. 

"This is probably an example to where the unintended consequences of passing a legislation and making requirements could actually take away from time in the classroom," said Assemblyman Tom Roberts. 

Roberts started looking into the issue after Christensen and another teacher reached out. 

"It’s the same video every year, so why would any normal human being need to watch that 18 times? And I’m going to teach here 12 more years, so 30 years, 30 times I had to watch this video," said Christensen.

He said they have updated some videos but there’s not a lot of new information. 

"My wife is also a teacher. Most of it ends up being done on our own time," said Robert Hollowood. 

Hollowood is a science teacher at Staton Elementary School. He said the videos are relevant for someone who’s new to the district or if someone violates a policy. He suggested watching them every few years, like when they renew their teaching licenses.

A spokesperson with the district said they did change the videos three years ago and shortened them to three hours.

However, Christensen and Hollowood said it takes anywhere from one to two full work days to complete all 16 videos, on top of more work from distance learning.

"This year has been even more challenging than usual," said Hollowood. 

Hollowood and other teachers pointed out some videos have less relevance this year. 

"It’s not so much that I mind doing the videos, listen I’ll do them that’s not a problem, but the videos are very centralized on being in a classroom," said Kindergarten Teacher Kristan Nigro.  

"These things could wait until eventually we’re getting back into the buildings especially like blood-born pathogens," said Hollowood. 

Roberts said some videos are required by more than just Nevada Revised Statute, like Osha. He said once he does more research he would consider bringing it up at the next legislative session.

"If they don’t feel that it’s a good use of their time and it’s redundant something needs to be done," said Roberts. 

Christensen also reached out to the school board. He said President Lola Brooks told him they’re aware of the issue.

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(3) comments


The pervert school board and teachers probably want more child p orn in the "training videos" How many CCSD Employees have been arrested for having s ex with students? It must be about 500 by now....its every week they get caught. The CCSD should be defunded and parents should create neighborhood learning centers that are funded by taxes and "educators" need to be background checked by multiple sources. Teachers are perv erts now- seems like a lot are just taking the job to find a date.

US Army Veteran 3

Do you know how many work videos I have watched on my own time? If you devote an hour a night instead of watching TV or looking at FB 16 hours will pass in no time. It's a part of the job accept it.


It should not be part of the job, I'm sorry you had to suffer through training videos on your own time. that is an injustice that was done to you and your coworkers. If an employer is requiring you to do something for your job they should compensate you for your time.

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