In one week, younger CCSD students will return to in-person learning, and teachers are preparing their classrooms for the change to hybrid learning.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The countdown is on: In just one week, some Clark County School District students will be returning to the classroom. On Monday, participating teachers were brought back into their classrooms to prepare for student arrival.

A CCSD kindergarten teacher at Steve Schorr Elementary School, Kristan Nigro wanted the vaccine before returning to school. Since then, she got her second dose, and on Monday she gave FOX5 a look inside her classroom as she started moving back into the building.

"There's so much work ahead of me,” said Nigro. “Getting all the things together, the instructional materials ... I have to lower and every one of these desks right now."

Nigro said big changes are in motion for her this week — not just with her job, but with her health, too, as she gets closer to full immunity.

"I went on Friday to get my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine,” said Nigro. “My arm's still kind of sore, but, other than that we're good."

She said she's setting up her classroom in a way she's never had to before due to the virus.

“It’s trying to utilize the space the correct way, to ensure that these kids are abiding by the social distancing guidelines,” said Nigro.

Parents of prekindergarten through third grade CCSD students are preparing to send their children back to the classroom in one week.

Even though hybrid students will only be in class two days a week, she said students will have to be confined to their desk areas when in the classroom.

"Even though we can't get up and move around the room, we'll still get up down from the chairs."

The district, she said, provided her with some personal protective equipment.

"They provided us with a bag that has like a shield inside, we also will have gloves,” said Nigro.

Nigro said while she'll wear a mask, she is hoping parents give their students some, because she said the district didn't give her extras.

FOX5 will work to find out whether this is true for other teachers as well.

But considering that the district is asking students to bring in their devices, Nigro said she also still has some questions about other things, like electrical outlet availability.

"I hope that you know the parents have them charge their devices because, ya know, every outlet that's pretty much in here is pretty much utilized for other things,” she said.

Beyond just the environmental changes, she said she hopes parents and students are preparing for the changes emotionally, and are equipped with understanding during this transition.

"We're now going to have to do a face-to-face, as well as distance learning, and so please just be patient, be patient with your kids, be patient with your teacher. Because ya know kindness, kindness overcomes everything."

She said participating students will have "structured recesses.”

To ensure students stay mentally healthy and happy, she got students “goodies,” like jump ropes and bubbles to go in their own "recess bags.”

"They're not trying to ... run to the playground. They're actually just focused what's in their bag. And then that minimizes ... having to share, having to sanitize."

But not all teachers are going back. Local educator Gwen Maxey taught elementary at CCSD for 14 years. In her words, “Teaching? That's my identity, not my job. It never goes away."

Maxey quit CCSD in 2014, but now she said she's hoping to be a solution for students who are struggling with either distance learning or hybrid.

empty classroom (generic)

"I offer three different packages, whether it’s just a little bit of homework help, all the way to personalized individualized teaching, and build upon what they're learning so they can be successful."

If you’re interested in learning how Maxey can be of support to your child, her email address is

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