LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Clark County School District teachers start professional development training this week, but some teachers said they need more time to prepare for the school year.

"A lot of teachers work all summer on their own time, building their long range lesson plans, getting stuff ready and now we’ve been given two weeks to reinvent the wheel," said Evelyn Albert. 

Evelyn teaches sixth grade English at Walter Johnson Jr. High. Her husband Travis teaches fifth grade at Steve Schorr Elementary. 

CCSD Teachers will have a little more than two weeks training to learn the new online system Canvas, revamp the curriculum and figure out logistics like test taking. 

"How do we figure out a lock-down browser? How do we set a time limit?" said Travis.

The couple is already running into internet issues at home. 

"When we’re doing videos and we’re downloading our live videos and we’re downloading resources and doing all these things we have to do, all of a sudden today, I’m at 90% of using my data and we’re not even back to school yet," said Evelyn. 

Some teachers are used to spending their own money on classroom supplies.

The couple said this year, they might have to spend their money on internet. To get unlimited download data through Cox, Evelyn said it would cost another $50 a month. 

"I’d be spending about $135 a month on internet," she said. 

The could said they didn’t want to wait until professional development training on Wednesday so they started watching tutorials and navigating the new online system Canvas on their own.

"I don’t know any teacher who had ever touched that platform before," said Evelyn. 

They said they’re both pretty tech savvy.

"I’m actually really excited to use [Canvas] but it is not easy to learn," said Evelyn. 

They said they’re more worried about veteran teachers who have spent decades teaching with just paper and pencils.

Travis said he expects some staff to rely on teachers like himself or his wife to help them navigate Canvas and digital learning. 

"I’m dealing with other people that not only do they not have the access to the technology they would need, but they’re also not as comfortable. And it’s going to put them further behind or we’re going to get further behind because I’m going to have to coach them," said Travis. 

The couple said they wished the school board and Superintendent Jesus Jara made a decision about the school year earlier in the summer so staff had more tine to prepare. 

Professional development days start on Wednesday. Students start school on August 24. 

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(15) comments


CCSD teacher here. Their attitude is similar to a lot of teachers - They arent in it to win the game. Ive been running my entire curriculum as an online option for kids who are transient or go to Mexico. Canvas isnt hard. I find it funny that they claim to be tech savvy, so it will be even harder for other teachers, yet they are running capped bandwidth on their tech devices. I used to do that, but that was 1998 so I give myself a break. I do believe CCSD realized how difficult it is to get the students to actually log on and attend during distance, and going forward have put in some realistic guidelines. BTW - reinventing the wheel in 2 weeks with the training, I am on day 2 and Im already halfway done. In all honesty, this was the best thing to happen to my classes. They went from 40 students to 18, and I get them longer per day when they show up in person.

The Mark Price is Right

"The could said they didn’t want to wait..."

Couple not could


This isn't news worthy. Teachers complaining? That's the normal. And why do they need so much time to find links to send parents. Because truth is thats all they're doing and going to do. Lesson 1, go to a reading link Lesson 2 go to a math link lesson 3 go to history link lesson 4 go to a science link. Done. I just planned the ccsd 20-21 school year. Can I get my paycheck check now?


It is far more complicated than that, you need to make sure you meet all state standards, explain to the students why you are covering each of these topics, include at least 3 hours of live instruction per day and provide at least 45 minutes of office hours or small groups instruction.


You must not have kids is the ccsd system. I have 3. Not a single one had 3 hours of live instruction the whole time they were distance learning, let alone in a single day. The teachers checked out and had kids email questions so they could send back links to explain the material. State standards are not even close to being met. Its all half-assed and teachers have no accountability bc "this is all new. Weve never done this and are learning too". CCSD will not last if they can't find a reason to keep kids enrolled and at this point, with the teachers attitude, there's no reason to not go to a private school. It would be detrimental to your child's future to stay in CCSD.


OK ccsd teachers, this is too tough? No problem, we will all withdraw our kids and put them in a proper online program. Have fun finding funding and a job when only 100 kids are left in the district. Teachers need to "buck up buttercup" because this sad, defeated attitude is already leaking into the minds of our kids. Be a good example and quit whining about a job you wanted and get paid for.


Well, aren't you a sweetheart! So kind & understanding!

What a ----. Have a wonderful day!


Teachers in general like to know what they are doing ahead of time, plan out lessons, have their rooms set up, and have a general idea for how the school year will go. There are major differences between teaching live and online and the transition can be extremely stressful. Yes they will complain, but they will do their best to get the job done. It's as if the Golden Knights showed up expecting to play hockey and then were suddenly told it was actually field hockey. They could get ready for it, as both sports have similarities, but they would be understandable stressed and complain about the transition.

Voz de Razon


I'm embarrassed for our delicate society.

And at the root of ALL of this is a bug so dangerous and so deadly...... that you have to be tested to see if you have it. Think about that.


"A lot of teachers work all summer on their own time" , no they do not lol


YES....Yes, they do.

Just because you, personally, don't want to recognize that fact doesn't make it any less true.


Yes they do, lol.


Cry me a river for teachers! Technology has allowed them to keep their jobs when everyone else needed to stop working.


Isn't that AWFUL!? People speaking their mind? That's just...WRONG! They should shut the heck up & do their jobs, am I right? There's no room in trump's 'merica for that kind of nonsense! Free speech should just be taken out of the Constitution. These teachers have NO right! The NERVE of some people!

Voz de Razon

Defeatists and pansies speaking their mind. Showing their true colors.

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