Dr. Jesus Jara on July 24. (FOX5)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- In a virtual town hall on Monday, Clark County School District Superintendent Jesus Jara answered questions from staffers and parents wondering how the 2020-21 school year will look.

Jara said the school district is investing in millions of Chromebooks for underprivileged students in the valley. A disproportionate number of those students, or Title I families, are people of color. One of the biggest obstacles in providing technology at home has been providing WiFi for students, Jara said, as part of a "blended learning" model with both on-campus learning and distance learning.

"We are investing in Chromebooks," Jara said. "We have families that do not have WiFi, and teachers. The district will work on getting enough chromebooks. We’re still working on solutions and need partnerships for WiFi connectivity at home."

Jara said he’s thinking about families and teachers who don’t have access to Wifi at home, and that will be a deciding factor for who will be in the at-home cohort.

The next phase will have some growing pains, Jara said, but he asked teachers to be patient as summer melts into the new school year.

"Our teachers, I ask you to do the best you can when kids come back, but I know, as super, it's not something we're going to do on first marking period, so we're going to be patient and work hard and do the best we can," Jara said.

CCSD is also developing safe models for lunchtime, recess and mask-wearing at schools.

A reopening plan for the next school year must be submitted to the state by July 13. You can watch the next CCSD virtual town hall here: http://ccsd.net/virtualtownhall/


Will there be limits to the number of families allowed to participate in Cohort-C (all at-home cohort)?

Jara said he’s thinking about families and teachers who don’t have access to Wifi at home, and that will be a deciding factor for who will be in the at-home cohort.

Do teachers have an option to be digital-only? Will that be a choice for health reasons or if we have children?

Any accommodations will have to be through documents through ADA compliance, Jara said.

How are we going to afford daycare?

CCSD is looking at options.

Will kids be allowed to play with each other during recess, on the playground?

Jara said the district is still working that out.

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So the same acting superintendent who immediately consolidated food delivery after shutdown and encouraged ppl to "stop by and thank" workers during social distancing (facepalm) answered no questions during the question and answer portion of his conference. Our district is 10s of millions of dollars in deficit, this chucklehead is crying bc he needs 10s of millions more to operate this district at 40%. I get to be a teacher. AND the good citizens of Las Vegas are paying this moron a HALF MILLION DOLLARS a year for this bullshit?

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