LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Many Clark County families say that part, or even most, of their school year has been spent home distance learning, after a known exposure or a suspected COVID-19 case sent their children home and kept all siblings at home. 

Clark County School District tracks COVID-19 cases, but cannot immediately say how many quarantine days have been racked up throughout the first month of school. 

CCSD explained its contact tracing and quarantine protocols here.

"The minute [my middle school student] was symptomatic, I kept her home," said Janet Boyer, a mom of three and special education teacher. Her oldest ended up testing positive for COVID-19. 

The quarantine had a ripple effect for all her children.

"They had to stay home for her full isolation period, once she was cleared ... they had to start their isolation period," she said. Her youngest children had to stay home for 20 days. 

Pediatricians' offices have been busy with many children catching COVID-19, but another resurgence of the common cold. CCSD nurses say staff will send children home with signs of sniffles or runny noses. 

"It adds to their anxiety. Parents want their kids to be back in school," said Dr. Terence McAllister of the Nevada chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, as well as Desert Pediatrics. "There's also a lot of worries in my families, when kids get sent home, about their siblings."

Dr. McAllister reminds parents why quarantining all children is important, though it can be inconvenient. 

"By the time kids come in, even if with cold symptoms, you have to assume everybody has been exposed. Keeping them out of school is what's important," he said. "I don't recommend quarantining siblings from each other."

Dr. McAllister recommends that all eligible adults and children in a household get the vaccine, to minimize the spread to the youngest children. 


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