Cashman Center Homeless facility

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UPDATE (April 6): Training and operations for the ISO-Q facility at Cashman Center will begin Wednesday, according to the City of Las Vegas and Clark County. 

Patient care units will include quarantine for those exposed, isolation for those experiencing symptoms and isolation for those with a confirmed positive COVID-19 test. 

The joint statement said measures will be taken to prevent cross-contamination between workers and patients. 

The facility will also be staffed with teams dedicated to sanitation and infectious disease control, patient care and feeding, supplies and operations, data collection and discharge planning, the statement said. 

Qualified medical staff, health care para-professionals, and support personnel are needed for the 24-hour-care facility. Compassionate team members skilled in clinical observation and patient support are key to the success of this effort. 

Nursing staff; allied health professionals; case workers, housekeeping, food distribution and custodial staff; and facility monitors are all encouraged to apply for these temporary positions.

Call 702-229-CARE (2273) to inquire about temporary medical positions available.

Apply online for these temporary non-medical positions: 




Email Crystal Williams at with any questions about the non-medical position you are interested in and your contact information.

UPDATE (April 5): The City of Las Vegas and Clark County issued a joint statement Sunday night saying both entities were "overly optimistic" with the timeline for opening the isolation and quarantine facility downtown.

The site, called the Cashman Isolation-Quarantine Complex, or Cashman ISO-Q for short, is a multi-million dollar project, according to the statement. The site will be staffed with more than 100 healthcare professionals, operations, security and volunteers. 

To our knowledge, the Cashman ISO-Q Complex is the first preemptive observation care facility for the homeless in the country, meaning it is the first facility created to provide beds and care for those who are well enough to recover at home but who do not have a home to go to.

- Dan Kulin, spokesman for Clark County

The statement said it took slightly longer to find and train staff for the facility and get necessary equipment. 

The facility is hoped to be open the week of April 6, the statement said. 

ORIGINAL REPORT (March 31): LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Clark County and the city of Las Vegas announced on Tuesday that construction has begun on a new isolation and quarantine center for homeless individuals at Cashman Center.

According to a joint statement, the Cashman ISO-Q Complex (ISO-Q is short for isolation-quarantine) in downtown Las Vegas will be capable of serving at least 350 people.

The complex, which officials say is needed to facilitate the care of the homeless in the area, is expected to be complete and ready for patients on April 6.

According to the news release, upon completion, the complex will have separate areas for people who are quarantined because they are exposed by the coronavirus, an isolation area for those who test positive and have symptoms, and an isolation area for those who test positive but have no symptoms.

“We’re going to have a place for individuals who have been exposed but not yet tested positive, a tent for individuals who have tested positive but are not yet showing symptoms, so they’re asymptomatic. And then a tent for individuals who are symptomatic and positive, so they all receive the proper medical attention they need without cross contaminating and therefore depleting the spread of the coronavirus amongst this population," said Tim Burch, the Clark County Human Services administrator. 

Clark County is overseeing and funding construction of the facility, and the city will oversee operations and security, the release said. Both Clark County and city of Las Vegas will jointly fund the complex.

Exactly how long it will remain in place will be determined at a later date.

“This complex will give the homeless a safe and secure place to receive the care they need to get healthy,” County Commission Chairman Marilyn Kirkpatrick said. “This facility will reduce the number of visits to our emergency rooms and help protect our most vulnerable population.”

American Medical Response will provide transportation for those diagnosed with the virus who have referrals from area hospitals or the Southern Nevada Health District, the release said. Those in need of quarantine will need a referral from a local shelter partner.

Transportation for asymptomatic homeless persons with referrals from area shelters has not been finalized. Hospitals will continue to provide care for the seriously ill in need of a ventilator.

“Care for the homeless through this pandemic continues to be of great concern for the city of Las Vegas,” said Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn G. Goodman. “We are working with county and state officials to stay ahead of the expected needs for medical care.”

Councilman Cedric Crear addressed some of the criticism to the makeshift set-up for homeless to sleep at the Cashman site. 

“I know there’s been people who’ve been interviewed who’ve said it’s not a good place but if you talk to people, they’re very happy that they had a facility to go to that can provide them with safety security and resources that they desperately need," he said.

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