A utility porter for Caesars Entertainment died after testing positive for COVID-19, and his family says he contracted it at work.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A Caesars Entertainment employee has died after testing positive for COVID-19, according to a company spokesperson.

Now, his family is seeking justice, faulting the company for failing to protect their employees properly.

In a statement provided by a company spokesperson late Friday, Caesars confirmed the personnel death.


“Sadly, we can confirm that one of our colleagues has passed away after testing positive for COVID-19.  We are heartbroken by this development and are expressing our deepest sympathies to their family and friends.  While we have not been able to determine how the employee contracted the virus, once the employee informed us about testing positive, the company implemented its protocols to determine who had been in close proximity with this individual at the direction of the Southern Nevada Health District.  As a result, a small number of employees were identified to be in this category and are now on paid leave while self-isolating. None of these individuals, to our knowledge, have tested positive at this time. They will not return to work until they obtain a negative test result.”

The employee who passed was 51-year-old Adolfo Fernandez, his daughter Irma confirmed to FOX5 Friday night. He was diagnosed with COVID-19 Monday, June 22 and died Wednesday, June 24 at Sunrise Hospital, Fernandez said.

He was a utility porter and a member of the Culinary Union Local 226, his daughter said during a small vigil held outside the Fernandez home. Irma works as a housekeeper at the Venetian. His family said he worked at Caesars Palace.

"I am going to fight for justice because he told me constantly that they are not using the correct safety precautions at work," Fernandez said. "They are not protecting their employees."

On June 24, the same date as Fernandez' death, Caesars implemented a company-wide mask policy.

"Everyone indoors at its properties across the Caesars network will be required to wear masks at all times, except when eating or drinking," the media release stated. "The updated mask policy becomes effective on June 24, 2020 at 12 p.m. Pacific Time and applies to all employees, vendors, contractors, guests and passersby in properties. Previously, all employees plus guests at table games were required to wear masks at Caesars properties."

Before his death, Fernandez said her father suffered a severe amount of work-related stress and body aches, before his system shut down.

"Little by little he was fading away," she told FOX5. "His death was so painful."

Fernandez said he had two cardiac arrests after testing positive. However, prior to the diagnosis, the fear for his safety did not prevent him from working. He was providing for a family, Fernandez said.

"He was exposed during his daily routine at work at Caesars Palace," Fernandez said. "He did it to support his family. He was a great dad and a great hardworking man. A big-hearted human. And my dad, he fought hard."

Now, the household has been exposed. Irma's mother has contracted COVID-19, as well as her cousin. To keep her children safe, Fernandez said she's housing the kids in a hotel as a safety measure. 

"It came to my house and infected my family members," Fernandez said. "I don't want to lose both of my parents."

According to the family, the culinary union has invited Fernandez to speak about her father's death on June 29. On Monday, the group will file a lawsuit against major Strip properties for what the union has called a failure to protect employees from COVID-19.

As of Saturday morning, 13,174 coronavirus cases were reported in Clark County by the Southern Nevada Health District. Of those positive cases, 1,947 are hospitalized patients, with 410 total deaths since the outbreak began in the state in March.

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(11) comments


The casinos are going to face multiple lawsuits because of re-opening too soon. Sisolak needs to act now and shut the state down because the spikes are telling the story and that a vicious virus is about to take hold. Enough and lets all do our part to stop the spread by staying inside and not rushing out. It's no joke! After what I have seen in how people die from this is so evil that you would think twice even the naive ones who think this is a common cold. They will soon learn this is much more than that.

life is a lie

these corporations always trying to find a way to fool the people over, politics politics, we are not slaves and these headlines dont fool us. DIED FROM and OF are two different things, word magic


Who writes the headlines? 3rd graders? The guy died. Happens everyday. The family wants money and see an opportunity to sue a rich company. Truly pathetic.


In order to win a judgement they will have to prove he got it from work AND will have to prove the workplace was in some way irresponsible which they won’t be able to do, Casinos took precautionary steps to keep everyone safe just like a restaurant takes precautionary steps by placing wet floor signs when the floor is wet.

They have no case at all.


Where are the CONTACT TRACERS asking questions??? Let's get to the bottom of this COVID19. Surely the CONTACT TRACERS were called and have the information. Let's get to the bottom of this so it doesn't happen again.

just sayin'

Sure, lets get a lawyer and sue the deep pockets entity. He could NOT have gotten the virus from anywhere else. He was only exposed to it on his job. He was fine before he went back to work. His wife, his daughter, her children & her cousin, none of them had it, till he brought it home from work. It's not that any of them had it and gave it to him? No, no, no, it came from Caesars, and all the other hotels, just ask the union. Has he been wearing a mask from the onset of the outbreak? Has he stayed in his home, the entire time? And because of his death, his daughter has her kids staying at a hotel? (copied from the article), "Now, the household has been exposed. Irma's mother has contracted COVID-19, as well as her cousin. To keep her children safe, Fernandez said she's housing the kids in a hotel as a safety measure." Where is the irony in that? What's sad, is some BS lawyer will try to go after this.

No one should be able to sue from getting this virus. Has anyone ever sued because they got the flu? This can't be traced to a location, other then China.


This city takes nothing but 'GAMBLING' seriously. It never has and it will never will sadly. An employees of these properties sadly are viewed as expendable. Make too much money, complain and point out wrongs too much, and you are replaced by someone who will work for next to zero. And the politicians in this town get their pockets lined by these outfits, so they merely turn a blind eye. No further proof is needed than our brain dead mayor and her equally brain dead liquored up husband. No viable industry will move here sadly, because of the red tape, awful workforce availability, just look at the darling protestors whose appearance makes most unhirable, and likely palm greasing involved to set up camp here. That is likely why we rank dead last in just about everything from education to healthcare. A city of Dreams and Schemes, and that has never changed in 50 years....


Who didn't see this coming? Las Vegas re-opened too soon and now the city will suffer the consequences. People need to wear masks and not go to casinos where drunks flow masks are not enforced. They say they do but they don't.

just sayin'

"How Many People Die of Cancer Each Year? In 2020, an estimated 606,520 people will die of cancer in the United States. Lung and bronchus cancer is responsible for the most deaths with 135,720 people expected to die from this disease." This information from "Common Cancer Sites — Cancer Stat Facts - NCI SEERseer.cancer.gov" I don't see any politician in this country trying to shut down the tobacco industry? With those numbers, that is 1,703 a day, dying from cancer. And this information from "Tobacco-Related Mortality | CDCwww.cdc.gov", Exposure to secondhand smoke causes an estimated 41,000 deaths each year among adults in the United States: Secondhand smoke causes 7,333 annual deaths from lung cancer. And we do nothing about it!


Can’t blame the hotel ! Could have picked it up from his homies ,out graffiting the night away ! Getto lottery mooching!


Are you insane, insensitive, ignorant or just really 'low-functioning'?

Judging from your post, 'All of the above'.

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