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Nevada's eviction moratorium expires June 30, and a local attorney said some landlords are anxious to evict.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- As the moratorium on evictions comes to an end on June 30, experts say a very high number of evictions are imminent.

"I get calls all the time asking, 'Can I evict my tenant, can I evict my tenant' and the answer is no, you have to wait. And I expect a flood of eviction cases for nonpayment come July 1," said Ann E. Kolber, an attorney who represents landlords in Las Vegas.

For months, property landlords who are getting half or no rent payments have been biting their tongue due to the moratorium. 

"Obviously landlords are extremely frustrated because they are still having to pay their mortgage payments, utilities, do repairs on tenants units and meet their monthly obligations. And meanwhile, very often, they are not collecting rent," said Kolber.

Adding to landlords' frustration are tenants who are taking advantage of the moratorium by not paying rent even though they've received stimulus money and unemployment checks.

"I've got landlords that are telling me that there are individuals who are clearly taking advantage of it in a way that was not intended and that was never what we wanted to do. We're taking advice on that from landlords who have spoken up and we're listening,” said Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak during an interview last month.

Kolber said she is encouraging her landlord clients to work with their tenants and come up with some kind of payment plan.

The consequences of not coming to an agreement could be an eviction for renters and empty properties for landlords.

"By mid-July, we are going to see a lot of cases being filed and by the end of July we are going to see a lot of evictions taking place and empty units," said Kolber.

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Ya like you landlords have never taken advantage of the laws or just plain ignored them. Give me a break. Las Vegas is full of slum Lord's who break the law every day. Who cares if some landlords get behind on there bills most of you in Vegas are slum lords anyways.


If someone is not satisfied with their apartment they are free to leave anytime they wish.


By their deeds, you will know who they are?


For those truly in trouble we should try to help them. For those busy buying booze, grass and new TVs with their unemployment extras, they should be held accountable. Not paying your rent when you have the means to do so, is like looting your landlord. The supplemental unemployment money was not a raise it was a bridge until you got back to work.


Very true ! Where’s the money ? No free lunch! Better renegotiate the lease !

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