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LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- As many working parents continue struggling through the days of distance learning, the Clark County School District Superintendent announced Monday they will remain remote until the end of the semester.

A busy father, Erik Sarvela pointed out the importance of getting help when you need it. "It's a struggle every day," he said.

With 10 kids -- from ages one to 17 -- it's safe to say Sarvela and his wife have their hands full.

"Basically seven of which are in school, going from junior to high school to elementary school. And we have two kids that are in special needs."

Sarvela works remotely for MGM Resorts -- that is, when he can focus.

"My performance lags when I'm, ya know, having kids up next to me."

His wife is a nurse in a local hospital. She works a night shift during the week to make childcare a possibility while they learn from home.

But it's not just parents making sacrifices in the name of health.

"Some of our kids are so used to being in school."

Sarvela said their new kindergartener -- understandably-- has trouble focusing on the screen all day.

"Even though she loves her teacher. She loves class. But by the third class of the day -- math, like today -- she goes, 'Oh, I don't really wanna do it.' 'Oh well, would you like some candy, some Halloween candy?' 'Okay, I'll go to class.' So I had to coax her," Sarvela said, with a laugh. 

While current case counts aren't promising, Sarvela said seeing a therapist has been key for his family.

"Because if you don't talk to someone, it can all sit inside and then it'll come out at the wrong people at the wrong time," said Sarvela.

He advises other Nevada parents to do the same.

"If you're employed, reach out to your healthcare provider for therapy, because, like I did for mine, everything was covered for the rest of the year," said Sarvela.

Right now, learning to cope is all we have some days.

"Do the best you can. It's not easy. It probably won't get any easier any time soon. But just hang in there," said Sarvela.

For those without health insurance or employee assistance programs through a job, Nevada's Department of Health and Human Services offers medical assistance through a number of programs for families, and they may be able to connect you with a mental health professional.

To apply for benefits, click here.

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