LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Allegiant Air representatives say they’re seeing a big boost in bookings lately.

“Since January, every week, bookings coming to Las Vegas are better and better than the last,” said Scott DeAngelo, chief marketing officer of Allegiant Air, the budget airline based in Las Vegas.

As vaccinations ramp up, so too does consumer confidence, according to DeAngelo.

"Quite frankly ... we see the light at the end of the tunnel. And this time we're convinced, it's not a locomotive headed our way,” said DeAngelo. “This past Sunday, when we conducted our survey, 90% of people said they ‘somewhat or strongly agree’ that things are ‘getting better.’ That's almost triple what it was in January … when only a third said that.”

DeAngelo said they're seeing a lot of bookings for the next couple months and beyond.

"Two-thirds say they plan to travel before the end of summer,” said DeAngelo. “We're seeing it coming to Las Vegas.”

This is good news for Southern Nevada’s tourism industries. But what about for locals, who may want to take a trip out of town? 

"It's supply and demand,” said DeAngelo. “And certainly as demand goes up, I think, just thinking about airfare overall, you may see it creep up, so now is the time to book … There’s never a better time than now to be able to look for the future, and to be able to get that cheap airfare now.”

The CDC still advises against travel.

But in Allegiant’s case, DeAngelo expects a lot of their customers to soon be vaccinated. He said three-quarters of Allegiant's customer survey respondents plan to get the vaccine.

He also said that many already have it.

"Surprisingly, but incredibly, about half of the people traveling with us right now say they have received the vaccine,” said DeAngelo.

He added that the 100 pilots they put on furlough last year have since gotten their jobs back.

Allegiant Air-FAA Penalty

File - In this May 9, 2013, file photo, two Allegiant Air jets taxi at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/David Becker, File)

"We tightened the belt considerably during the past year, and we're excited for what that's going to enable us to do, as everybody, ya know, takes this pent up demand and this new recognized appreciation for what it means to be able just to go outside and go where you want.”

DeAngelo also said they will likely be hiring in coming weeks and months, including flight attendants and other personnel

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Tourists from Europe and Asia aren't coming back quite yet due to their own lockdown and restricted situations. Vegas won't get back to full normal until conventions come back. This summer we will see the beginning of NORMAL. But in the meantime it was nice to see all those spring break stimulus crowds. A taste of things to come. And when we DO get back to normal watch out - Vegas is set to go off the charts. We have a freaking NFL team after all!

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