(Meredith/CNN) – A police chief in California said he was "completely disgusted" after learning his 18-year-old son was arrested in connection to the beating of a 71-year-old Sikh man.

Darryl McAllister, police chief of Union City, said in a statement that he and his wife helped authorities capture his son, Tyrone McAllister, on Wednesday.

A 16-year-old accomplice, whose name has not been released, was also arrested. Both suspects are charged with attempted robbery, elder abuse and assault with a deadly weapon.

Surveillance video shows Tyrone McAllister and his accomplice repeatedly kicking Sahib Singh Natt at Greystone Park in Manteca before they spat on him and ran away, investigators said.

The attack happened during the 71-year-old’s morning stroll through the park. Randy Lee, a neighbor, found Natt on the ground just moments after the beating.

"Outrage -- it's just maddening to see young punks beat up an old man for no reason," said Lee.

Manteca police said in a statement they are investigating whether the incident “meets all of the legal elements for charging as a hate crime.”

Darryl McAllister wrote that his son began to “lose his way” a few years ago and fell into the wrong crowd. The police chief also said his son has been estranged from the family for several months.Words can barely describe how embarrassed, dejected, and hurt my wife, daughters, and I feel right now. Violence and hatred is not what we have taught our children; intolerance for others is not even in our vocabulary, let alone our values. Crime has never been an element of our household, our values, nor the character to which we hold ourselves.

- Darryl McAllister, Union City Police Chief On Tuesday, hundreds of people gathered at Greystone Park, just feet away from where the 71-year-old was beaten. Supporters, community leaders and neighbors of the victim voiced their concerns about the attacks.

"It's not an attack on an individual, it's an attack on an entire community," said one speaker.

Natt was at the community event with his family by his side. His daughter, Rupinder Kaur, told KOVR that Natt is paralyzed on the left side of his body because of previous medical issues, and could barely speak.

"I'm thankful to God he's alive," said Kaur.

The attack comes just days after a 50-year-old Sikh man was assaulted as he was putting out political signs in Stanislaus County, 25 miles south of Manteca.

Surjit Singh Malhi said the two attackers yelled, "Go back to your country," and then began beating him.

"My turban saved me," Malhi told KCRA. "The way they were hitting me, (I thought) maybe I would die."

The Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department said it is investigating the assault as a possible hate crime. As of Thursday, no arrests have been made in the attack.

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