Has private financial information been exposed in the cyberattack on CCSD?

Has private financial information been exposed in the cyberattack on CCSD?
Published: Nov. 21, 2023 at 12:09 AM PST
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - Has private financial information been exposed in the cyberattack on the Clark County School District? That is the big question teachers and parents still want an answer to. Some report since hackers breached CCSD network, there have been attempts to withdraw money from their accounts and some say they have had money taken. Can these activities be tied to the cyberattack on CCSD? FOX5 took that question to CCSD.

“Is the district aware of any parent/ student/ staff account (financial information) accessed due to the hack?” That is the question FOX5 asked CCSD in a series of emails with CCSD’s Communications Department. That question was not answered. CCSD did tell FOX5 financial information was not taken from school web stores accounts. What accounts, if any, do hackers have access to?

“Since the hack was posted publicly, I’ve had my card compromised twice through my bank,” shared Sandra Rogers, a CCSD teacher. Rogers can’t know for sure the unauthorized attempts to take money from her account are due to the CCSD cybersecurity breach, but she did get an email from the district saying some of her information had been exposed. Parents and staff say they were told they would get letters if their private information was compromised.

“It’s been very frustrating because it has never happened like that before and now twice within 30 days...I received an email saying my email was compromised but it didn’t really give me any information just said that they access to my passwords,” Rogers recounted. Rogers had to cancel her bank card and auto payments and set up new ones. While she hasn’t had money taken, Rogers said she has spent a lot of time trying to fix the damage done and she doesn’t know if her information is still exposed.

“None of us know. There has been no communication,” Rogers contended.

Earlier this month, two parents filed class action lawsuit against the district alleging it failed to protect personal information and take steps to prevent a cybersecurity attack. A complaint alleges personal information of 200,000 people was stolen.

The district first learned about the hack early last month. Earlier this month, the hackers claimed they still had access to CCSD’s network. It is unclear if they still do. The district is working with the FBI to investigate the attack.