Grand Jury evidence includes interviews of Duane ‘Keffe D’ Davis talking about murder of Tupac Shakur

Grand Jury evidence includes interviews of Duane ‘Keffe D’ Davis talking about murder of Tupac Shakur
Published: Oct. 3, 2023 at 12:19 AM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - It was one of the valley’s highest-profile unsolved killings until an arrest last week. Rapper Tupac Shakur died after a drive-by shooting not far off the strip in 1996.

Now, nearly 3 decades later, we’re learning more about the evidence against a Henderson man accused in the killing.

FOX5 has obtained the evidence used to convince a grand jury to indict.

“Seeing all that sh*t on the news, like ‘damn. I got away!’’ That was Duane “‘Keffe D” Davis’s reaction after Tupac’s murder as he recounted during a podcast.

Davis who now calls Henderson home had his house raided by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department back in July and was arrested Friday after pictures, videos and interviews were presented to a grand jury.

The grand jury finding there was enough evidence to try him for the 1996 drive-by killing. He is also accused of plotting the murder.

The moment it was announced that Tupac passed away, what was your reaction, what was Orlando’s reaction?

We ain’t goin to let them see us sweat, you know what I’m saying, that’s giving away the…that’s vice, telling on ourselves

Investigators say Davis confessed to his involvement in the case, giving full details of how he and his co-conspirators killed the late rapper but the interview was in exchange for the information and Davis was given immunity.

What he later revealed in documentaries and podcasts was not part of the original deal with police, and now prosecutors are using his own words against him.

Davis describes to police what happened to Shakur in Las Vegas on that September night in 1999, “Went up to the light on Sunset and Flamingo and dude was acting like he was in a parade or something that ***bleep*** hanging out the window hey its Tupac its Tupac and we like there go that ***bleep*** came up on the side of him.”

Davis continued, “Read in the book…it looks like Pac reached. It looked like he was reaching it looked like he was ready to bust out… and we was the first ones. Luckiest one I guess. Hit that corner gave a little chase boom boom boom, so you guys parked put the gun under the tire. Yeah I think you said n the book you guys came back out and you guys saw ambulances with Tupac and Suge, the car y’all need to go buy that book.”

In the book he wrote about what happened, Compton Street Legend: Notorious Keffe D’s Street-Level Accounts of Tupac and Biggie Murders, Death Row Origins, Suge Knight, Puffy Combs, and Crooked Cops – the book is now part of the murder case.

Davis is expected to appear in court here in Clark County on Wednesday morning.

The 60-year-old is facing one charge of murder with a deadly weapon with a gang enhancement attached.