Puppy rescued after he was found in sealed plastic box in North Las Vegas

A puppy was rescued after he was found in a sealed plastic box in North Las Vegas.
Published: Sep. 28, 2023 at 12:11 AM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - A puppy trapped inside a plastic box with a lid was found in a parking lot rescued by a store worker in North Las Vegas near Losee and Ann Road.

Wednesday, September 20, something unexpected was found left in a shopping cart in the Walmart parking lot. Shamar Shapiro was about to leave work for the night. “I was looking outside the window and I walked outside, and I saw all the commotion. I walked over I was like ‘oh.’”

There was a plastic black box with the yellow lid. A puppy had been left inside, its nose poking out of a small hole. Shapiro immediately got it out to comfort it and make sure it was okay. “He was nice, sweet a young puppy,” Shapiro recounted.

The mixed breed pup is estimated to be about three months old. About 12 pounds when he was first found, the dog is expected to be large, well over 100 pounds.

Shapiro’s family has taken in all kinds of animals his whole life so he immediately knew he could help that night.

“I realized, ‘Yeah this is what I do. I rescue animals,’... I called my mom, and my mom came and took it to the vet,” Shapiro explained. The next call was to Crazy 4 Pawz, a nonprofit animal rescue in Henderson.

The rescue named him Sammy, got him shots, a microchip and found him a foster family. Sammy is now on a 30-day stray hold before he will be up for adoption and looking for his forever home.

As FOX5 has reported, many shelters in the valley are nearly full, some with wait lists to turn in a dog. Shapiro thinks whoever left the dog did so because they were desperate but knew the dog would be found in the parking lot.

FOX5 has reached out to police late Wednesday to ask about any investigation into who is responsible. We will let you know if there are any developments.