CCSD collected student records after school police confrontation with Durango High students

The case involved a Durango High School students being thrown to the ground by CCSDPD
Published: Sep. 27, 2023 at 7:46 PM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - FOX5 has obtained court documents that indicate a log of the Clark County School District’s “internal investigation file” following a confrontation between CCSD police officers and students last February near Durango High School.

A school district police officer is seen throwing a student to the ground on cell phone video, while other students are handcuffed. One of the students told FOX5 he was simply trying to record the encounter on his cell phone.

Two of the students are now being represented by the American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada. The ACLU, along with FOX5, are trying to get access to police body camera video and written reports to find out what happened.

CCSD has refused to release any video or reports. It has said officers were investigating reports of a firearm in the area. The ACLU has said no firearms were found on the students.

The document FOX5 obtained is a court-ordered log of privileged or redacted information that CCSD has in its possession. The ACLU has taken CCSD to court to get access to more information about the incident.

The log includes dozens of entries, including police body camera video, written reports, emails and phone calls related to the incident, transcripts and video of Internal Affairs interviews with police officers and Garrity Warnings for police officers and witnesses.

A Garrity Warning is like a Miranda warning. However, a Miranda warning is given to suspects in criminal investigations, while a Garrity Warning is given to public employees during internal job investigations that may be used against them in a potential criminal proceeding.

The log also includes scripts for interviews with police and witnesses, documents about use of force and a TikTok video on social media.

FOX5 also learned that school records of five students are included in the log of information. It is unclear why records of students are part of the log. The log also includes news articles from various media outlets and a citation to a juvenile last February.

The document also cites why the information should not be made public. The main reason, for many items, includes juvenile privacy issues, along with privacy issues of officers.

CCSD did not take any disciplinary action against any police officers. FOX5 reached out to the school district for comment but so far has not heard back. The ACLU told FOX5 it hopes the judge decides soon on whether information in the log, and other information, will be released publicly. Another hearing is set for next month.

The complete log can be seen below: