Henderson mom recounts car stalling out in floodwater with kids inside

Mother recounts car stalling out in floodwater with kids inside
Published: Sep. 20, 2023 at 10:41 PM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - Mesha Chevalier had just picked her kids up from school and was getting ready to pull into her home in Green Valley.

“It started raining cats and dogs,” she recalled. “I tried to pull in my driveway and realized it was a bad idea,” referencing the big pool of water that formed outside her home.

After rethinking parking in her driveway, Chevalier acted quickly.

“I was going to back out and go past the water,” she explained. “And my car is so low, the water devoured us and took us out.”

Chevalier evacuated her kids from her car.

“They thought we were dancing in the rain, but I was not having fun,” she said tersely.

Tyler Clemans, who lives nearby, says his friend had the same thing happen to him just a few weeks ago during another heavy downpour.

“One of my buddies got stuck here,” he remembered. “We were on our way going golfing. Who would do that in that weather? But we did. And yeah, he got stuck. The water kept coming in. The drainage was clogged.”

Robert Ledbetter, who also lives near the flooded area, also blames that clogging for the area getting flooded, specifically a nearby flood canal.

“It wasn’t cleaned out,” Ledbetter said of the nearby canal. “There’s growth, debris. And you’d think they’d fix that before the next flood comes.”

FOX5 did see workers clearing out that canal after the water subsided.

Chevalier is hoping that will work, saying she’d like to be able to pull into her driveway without worrying about stalling out.

“It happens a lot,” she said of the flooding on her street. “We are caught right in the middle of it. Hopefully the rain goes away. I’m tired of it.”