Employee at MGM Resorts property says some paychecks short amid cybersecurity breach

Some workers were reportedly missing hundreds of dollars from their paychecks last Friday
Published: Sep. 18, 2023 at 8:25 PM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - An anonymous employee who works in housekeeping at an MGM property on the strip says they were missing two days’ worth of pay on their paycheck Friday, amid fallout from the company’s cyber security breach. They said some other employees’ paychecks were also short.

“It was a surprise to everybody once we got our checks because everybody’s short, or some got it, and some didn’t,” said the employee.

They said other employees’ paychecks were missing even more money, up to $500-$600.

“I heard some people only got paid like eight dollars and 97 cents for two weeks,” said the employee. “I’m not sure because so many people are missing money out of their paychecks, I cannot talk to everybody.”

That employee said they know of a fry cook at an MGM property who only got paid $500 on his check last week, which is $800 dollars short of what he earned.

“That don’t pay his rent, his bills. So I’m trying to figure out who’s going to cover all these late fees,” they said.

The employee says now they’re being asked to fill out paperwork to submit to a supervisor to verify the missing hours, but they still don’t have an estimate on when they’ll be paid the difference.

“They need their money. But of course, this is the company. We have to wait,” said the anonymous employee. “My question to HR was. ‘There’s people that need their money, that got to pay their rent, car note is due, what about the late fees that we’re going to get?’ Nobody wants to answer that.”

FOX5 contacted MGM Resorts International about these paycheck problems, and a representative said they were looking into the issue.