Parents, students support teachers as CCSD classes and after school activities are cancelled

Parents, students support teachers as CCSD classes and after school activities are cancelled
Published: Sep. 12, 2023 at 11:30 PM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - Teachers continue to demand raises from the Clark County School District. The battle between the district and the Clark County Education Association has gone on for months and is now at an impasse. Tuesday, FOX5 spoke to parents and students who say they support what the teachers are doing while it does mean a disruption to classes and activities.

“As a parent, I am really frustrated that we are six weeks into school and teachers still don’t have a contract,” said Stephanie Valdez, a mom of three CCSD students outside Sig Rogich Middle School, one of four schools where classes were cancelled Tuesday.

“I don’t think that teachers are calling out in any way to disrespect parents. I know that they know it impacts their students and their families…honestly, the frustration needs to be directed at the district for continuing this for so long,” Valdez asserted. Valdez has firsthand knowledge as she steps into a classroom on occasion as a substitute teacher. She believes teachers deserve to be paid for their time and be paid fairly. While negotiations continue, some teachers are no longer supervising after schools activities.

“Some teachers are choosing not to work beyond their contracted hours because they are not getting paid for that extra time, even though they are working plenty of other extra time, they are not getting paid for that extra extra,” Valdez explained.

FOX5 also spoke to a parent at Gunderson Middle School who shared while sports, cheer, and music are still going, other activities have been cancelled including the October dance. Her seventh grader wrote this letter to Dr. Jara in support of their orchestra teacher.

“Hello sir, I’d like to state that I think that these teachers should get a raise,I’d like to assume that you want a good future right? You want the future to go nice right? If so why aren’t you giving the teacher that 10% raise? You gave everyone but them a raise? Are the main office workers teachers the future? I didn’t think so,these teachers are molding the future, the teachers teach the kids how to be successful and how do the things they will need to do in life,such as math,science,history,and English. You guys not giving these teachers a raise isn’t just effecting them,it’s effecting the teachers,the parents,the kids,and most importantly THE FUTURE,some of us kids want to learn,we want to do better, and we aren’t able to do that if the teachers are canceling clubs,faking sick to get out of work and after school activities. Do any of you have a good reason on why you won’t give them a 10% raise?? No I haven’t heard one good reason. This is really sad and disappointing,we can’t even call the U.S,land of the free, or the land of free speech, didn’t multiple teachers get fired and arrested for trying to get what they deserve? And for what,having the right to speak? Isn’t that one of our amendments? That’s disappointing.”