CCSD teacher: Sick days are coordinated, but not through union

CCSD teacher: Sick days are coordinated, but not through union
Published: Sep. 8, 2023 at 10:10 PM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - A CCSD teacher tells FOX5 the recent en masse sick calls at certain district schools are coordinated and could keep happening until the district acquiesces to the Clark County Education Association’s demands.

“Some of us feel that the only way to get through to Dr. Jara and his trustees is if instruction is interrupted,” the teacher said on the condition of anonymity. “To gain some sort of positive change, there’s got to be some sacrifices in order for that change to happen.”

Some local parents, like Andrea Brai, a parent of an autistic son whose classes at Sewell Elementary School were canceled Friday, say that sacrifice is affecting her and her child.

“This is a really big deal, because for him, changes in his routine are really, really difficult for him,” Brai said.

Brai understands why teachers are upset, but does not agree with their method of protest.

“The students’ needs and well-being need to come first,” she said. “I’m sorry, when you become a teacher you should go into this profession with that in mind. It is not like they went into this not knowing what the pay was.”

The teacher who talked anonymously with FOX5 says her paychecks are smaller now than they were last year, though, thanks to an increase in pension contributions. She adds that times are getting dire for some of her colleagues.

“They sell their plasma,” she said. “They’re Uber drivers after work. Our music teacher at my school – she’s an usher down on the strip as a second job.”

This is a special education teacher with students similar to Brai’s son, and she knows what a disruption to their daily routine would do to them if she called out.

“Even though I want to participate, and I probably will, the first and foremost thing I think of is my students,” she said. “If I were to do that, I would probably give my students a heads-up to get them prepared.”

The teacher says this protest won’t be possible without the support of parents like Brai, and asks for their support during this already-tumultuous school year.

“Ride the wave with us, be patient, and do what you can to help support us,” she pleaded. “Because we’re the ones supporting your students.”

FOX5 reached out to CCSD about the cancellations and was told the district does not comment on personnel matters.