Suspect arrested for mayhem after woman reportedly loses part of toe in Strip hotel altercation

MGM Grand Las Vegas
MGM Grand Las Vegas(PRNewswire)
Published: Sep. 7, 2023 at 12:47 PM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - A suspect is in custody after a woman alleged that he slammed a door on her during a physical altercation in a Las Vegas Strip hotel room, resulting in the loss of part of her toe.

According to a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department arrest report, an officer operating in a marked patrol unit on September 4 was dispatched on an assault and battery call at the MGM Hotel and Casino at approximately 7:21 a.m. Details of the call indicated that the victim was missing part of her toe and that she had been taken to Sunrise Hospital for medical treatment.

The suspect, Durotimjesu Oyefeso, 35, had been detained by hotel security.

Investigators went to Sunrise Hospital and spoke with the victim, who explained that she met the suspect at a hotel bar before proceeding up to his room. She said that she became uneasy there and attempted to leave the room but Oyefeso “stepped in front of her and blocked the exit and stated to stay in the room.” She then attempted to use a landline phone in the room but the suspect reportedly rushed over and pulled it away from her.

When she attempted to use her own cell phone, he allegedly attempted to snatch her purse away. They began to “wrestle for the purse and fell to the floor.” She let go of the bag, returned to the landline, dialed zero, and asked the operator to send security. Oyefeso then took the phone from her and the victim ran toward the hotel room door.

She explained that she would attempt to open the door and he would slam it shut. She yelled at him, asking to be allowed to leave. She was ultimately able to open the door, but she said that the suspect wrestled her to the ground and she feared that he would “pound her face while laying on the ground in the hallway in front of the room.”

Oyefso then slammed the door again, hitting her foot. She was unaware of the extent of her injuries but she was able to leave the room. In the hallway, she yelled at the suspect to return her personal property. She told investigators that she felt safer confronting him from the hallway, knowing that she was no longer trapped in the room and that other guests were likely to hear her screaming.

Security arrived as the suspect was throwing the victim’s belongings at her while yelling profanities.

Oyefeso was later detained and escorted to a holding room. Later, he told police that the victim asked him for money in his room and that he gave her $200 and asked “how this works.” He alleged that the woman said “that is not enough” and the suspect asked for his money back.

Oyefeso was taken into custody and charged with one count of mayhem due to the injury on the victim’s toe. He had an initial court appearance scheduled for September 7. His bail was set at $5,000.