College of Southern Nevada student completes cannabis education program, now working in the industry

Published: Jul. 7, 2023 at 6:35 AM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - In January, FOX5 told you about the new eight-week cannabis program that was launched by the College of Southern Nevada.

Now, a student who completed the program is sharing his experience. Nevada’s budding industry was something Andy Williams couldn’t wait to be a part of.

“I love the work and the industry is awesome,” said Williams. He was a cook for nearly five years before deciding to transition into the cannabis industry.

“I really wanted to take that extra step and learn as much as I could,” said Williams.

His next step included signing up for the cultivation cannabis program through Green Flower, which consists of online courses offered at the College of Southern Nevada.

“Cannabis education is really hit or miss nowadays,” said Williams. “You can go online, and they have all these different classes that you can take and 90 percent of them don’t really mean anything.”

But Williams said Green Flower, an on-demand training platform, was different, offering him the education and skills needed to break into the industry.

“I think Green Flower and this education that I got was one of the first that was recognized and was appreciated and helped to get me more money and more opportunities,” said Williams.

“We feel that these education programs are crucial to people that want to be a part of the industry because we are not only teaching them a skillset, but we are teaching them compliance and operational practices,” said Max Simon, Green Flower CEO.

Williams landed a job at Stiiizy, one of the world’s biggest cannabis brands, working in the cultivation department.

“I think it is just about confidence and the class gave me all that confidence to be able to go in and just work,” said Williams.

“By getting that knowledge and certificate, they are able to translate that into other jobs,” said Simon. “Managerial jobs, leadership jobs.”

With a rapidly growing industry, Williams hopes others will consider giving the program a go.

“I think it is huge to have verified courses and to have things that mean something, not just to one company, but to the majority of the Las Vegas marijuana industry,” said Williams.

Green Flower offers three different courses. Each costs $800.

You can click HERE to learn more about the programs and to sign up.