What it takes to be a Las Vegas bottle girl and why it’s so sought after

What it takes to be a Las Vegas bottle girl and why it’s so sought after
Published: May. 24, 2023 at 11:35 PM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - In Las Vegas, anything can happen. But perfection is something that’s always a priority, especially when hundreds of Las Vegas bottle girls are vying for a spot.

It’s kind of a secret world. From the outside, it’s glitz, partying and money.

“When I realized my 9 to 5 consists of me doing champagne showers on people!” said Essence Urquhart. Only in Las Vegas, a job like this will get you paid big.

“People have paid off schools. Families have bought homes. It’s a great job to have,” said Suzanne Rodriguez, General Manager of Drai’s Beachclub.

The process is not easy. Girls trying out for a position have three minutes to show everything they’ve got.

“It’s the spark, it’s the personality, that cheekiness,” said Rodriguez.

Judged from head to toe, the competition is fierce.

“On average, there are about 400-500 applicants each year. From that, we’ll get 300 to come through. This year we hired 23 girls,” said Rodriguez.

To work at a place like this, you have to be the best, both inside and out.

“It is the whole package, personality, you’re looking for someone who does look after themselves. Everyone knows it’s a really competitive market, so a lot of these girls, they work out really hard, they eat really well,” said Rodriguez.

The audition is in January, a girl is chosen in February, and once picked there’s a two-week intensive training.

“We want them to be comfortable. We want them to feel at home because when they welcome the guests, it’s basically their second home,” said Rodriguez.

From March to October, a bottle girl can make more than a year’s salary.

“The money you can make here is very outstanding. You’re able to buy a house at the end of the year; start a business if you want to,” said Urquhart. “I’m actually from small-town Virginia Beach, so me coming to Vegas to meet celebrities I’ve always wanted to meet is cool.”

Each year, her audition has secured her a spot.

“It was a lot to take in. It pretty much was me preparing myself throughout the month entirely—hair, makeup, nails, lashes, all of that,” said Urquhart.

It has given her a platform and stability to start planning for her future. For now, she’s enjoying the simplicity and fun of her job.