Roll out the red carpet: One-of-a-kind production truck premieres in Nevada

Local producer Karl Nickoley created a truck that includes everything needed to film big productions.
Published: May. 24, 2023 at 1:42 PM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - Local producer Karl Nickoley created a truck that includes everything needed to film big productions.

What started out as a drawing on a piece of paper turned into a big rig full of production equipment for Nickoley.

“Think of it like a rolling aircraft carrier for the film business,” said Nickoley. “It has everything you need to produce a movie or commercial in it.”

Ten years in the making, Nickoley’s dream has now become a reality.

“I was living at this apartment back in Hollywood and I remember I taped out the entire parking garage about how the truck would be laid out,” said Nickoley.

The idea for creating the “Onlocation” production truck for Nickoley and his brother Scott started in 2013.

“Instantly clicked,” said Nickoley. “Man, we could probably combine a lot of these departments into one.”

He began bringing it to life after receiving millions of dollars in funds for construction from Bank of Nevada.

“It allowed him to have the money to do the construction part of this and at the same time knowing there was a supply chain issue, there was an increase in the cost of goods to finish it up,” said Joyce Smith, Managing Director for Bank of Nevada.

“They came to the table wanting to support our dream and our vision,” said Nickoley.

From lights to cameras to sound to holding a camera car on the truck, the 53-foot truck has everything you need to film just about anything.

“You have communications like walkie-talkies and pop-up tents, folding tables and chairs and you have a massive generator because you need to power all of this stuff,” said Nickoley. “To be able to have the tool like this really sets Nevada apart from other states that are doing a lot of the same things over and over again.”

Nicokley said the truck will create about 40 jobs.

“The actual crews will benefit a lot from a truck like this, but there are also local jobs that we need for maintenance. We have 30,000 pieces of gear on the truck,” said Nickoley.

Traditionally, it costs tens of thousands of dollars to get all the moving parts needed for a production. Nicokley said renting out the all-in-one truck will be a huge cost savings.

“I think what we will really do is offer a convenience factor, efficiency factor and high-quality gear,” said Nickoley.

Nickoley shared details about some upcoming projects where the truck will be put into action.

“Next week we are going to be at Paramount Studios in Hollywood for a big showcase. There are going to be 16,000 filmmakers there, and then look for this truck at Allegiant Stadium soon,” said Nickoley.

Eventually, Knicoley said he plans to expand to ten trucks.