Las Vegas elementary students care for more than 150 animals on campus

Published: May. 15, 2023 at 4:29 PM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - At two Clark County School District elementary schools, children are getting opportunities to learn about science, technology and even animals.

Gehring Academy of Science and Technology is a downtown Las Vegas STEM magnet school where kids learn about everything from laser and 3-D printers to the world of astronomy and the universe. The school has its own digital planetarium where kids can visualize the entire universe.

“We try to connect the real world as much as possible and provide opportunities for students,” said principal Lana Roper.

Students also get to care for a desert tortoise named Benjamin to the point that they grow some of his food hydroponically.

“We grow dandelion greens for Benjamin,” said Mackenzie Massy a student at the STEM school. “Benjamin loves these. They are yummy to him,” added Lily McAffee, another student.

The school boasts a high success rate among its students, as does Hoggard Magnet School.

At Hoggard Math and Science Elementary School, the emphasis is also on math and science and includes caring for as many as 150 animals.

“They’re hands-on with the animals inside the cages, as well as the animals outside,” said principal Stacey Scott-Cherry.

“Third graders collect the eggs and get the eggs ready to sell. The big kids and even some of the smaller ones build habitats for the animal,” said Kim Law, Life Science Strategist at Hoggard. Law tells us that the summer break around the corner won’t be a problem.

“We have a program where the kids can take them home for the summer if they want. They just have to take care of it and feed it,” she added.