15-year-old suspect charged with murder for February Las Vegas homicide

Published: May. 15, 2023 at 12:53 PM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - A 15-year-old suspect has been charged with open murder with a deadly weapon and conspiracy to commit open murder with a deadly weapon in connection with the deadly February shooting of a Las Vegas man.

Robert Lamar Farabee III was arrested on February 23. According to court documents, Las Vegas police received several calls reporting multiple gunshots were heard and that a subject was shot inside a garage in the northeast Las Vegas Valley on February 10. Upon arrival at the scene, officers found the victim, Carlos Martinez, who had suffered “multiple apparent gunshot wounds.” He was taken to University Medical Center but died from his injuries.

The victim’s stepson was present at the time of the shooting. He told police that he was inside when he heard gunshots. He went outside and saw a white male wearing a red shirt “fleeing from the scene.” A neighbor described seeing a white male with shaggy hair, wearing a black and gray sweater and blue jeans, shooting into the garage.

Metro gang enforcement officers responded to the area and spotted a white male juvenile with shaggy hair and a dark shirt crawling under a community fence. Officers stopped him and he identified himself as Robert Farabee. He was wearing a red shirt underneath a dark-colored plaid shirt and was bleeding from his right hand.

During the ensuing investigation, multiple neighbors confirmed hearing gunshots at the approximate time of the shooting. Another reported seeing “a kid backing out of the garage, with a black pistol in his hand.” Neighbors also told police that a second suspect was present. Investigators recovered 13 9mm Luger cartridge casings from the homicide scene.

Police contacted Farabee’s mother and the suspect was transported to LVMPD headquarters, where he agreed to an interview. He said he did not want his parents or an attorney present, but that he wanted to talk to detectives. He “initially provided a statement to detectives that he later admitted was false.” He told investigators that someone he knew from behavioral school asked Farabee to “help him fight someone who owed him money” in exchange for a quarter pound of marijuana.

Farabee told investigators that he and the other suspect met at a store on Lake Mead Blvd. before proceeding to the victim’s residence. He said that the other individual threatened the victim and that Farabee then “fled from the scene, fearing he would be hurt.” He said he heard several gunshots as he ran from the area.

Officers obtained surveillance video from the store and saw Farabee meet another man matching the description of the one he told police about during his interview. A CCSD Officer was assigned to the case and by reviewing records, he documented that Farabee was “associated” with the second suspect, Landon Richards.

Court documents show that Farabee returned to his residence on February 11 and told his roommate “that he got away with murder.” He proclaimed to be the shooter and said he was wearing gloves at the time of the murder. Black latex gloves were found on his person when he was taken into custody.

Farabee reportedly explained that Richards’ gun jammed and the other suspect ejected a live round and threw his firearm to the ground, with Farabee proceeding to shoot the victim. Farabee contacted his mother after the shooting and she lied to police about him being at his girlfriend’s house, near the area of the homicide.

No bail amount has yet been set for Farabee. A status hearing in his case is scheduled for May 16.