UNR offering cannabis education certificate programs

Published: May. 11, 2023 at 10:35 PM PDT
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - The University of Nevada is offering a cannabis education certificate program, which can help locals get into the cannabis industry. The program is entirely online and has four different certifications, each specializing in different aspects of cannabis.

“There’s a business of cannabis program, a cannabis agriculture and horticulture program, a compliance and risk management program, and a medical program to teach people the wellness benefits of the plant,” said Max Simon, CEO of Green Flower.

Sara Bowen recently got her health care and medicine certificate through the program.

“I think it‘s a misunderstood plant,” said Bowen. “I think that the medicinal purposes of it are amazing. I think we need to delve into that more and find out what exact disease processes we can hone in on and help with this.”

Terri Larson is currently a budtender and earned her certificate on the business side.

“I got accepted into UNR for masters program in business administration,” said Larson. “So I start that in the fall. So, I’m really excited to just continue learning the business of cannabis firsthand at the dispensary and furthering my education to hopefully run my own business.”

Both appreciated the online aspect of the program and how you can work at your own pace.

“I could be on a trip somewhere, on vacation, or I could do it on my lunch break or just on my weekends or whatever. Anywhere I can fit it in,” said Larson.

“On days off, I can move ahead or take a little bit off on a week where I was super busy and then go back to it and then hit it hard,” said Bowen.

Green Flower specializes in creating curriculums on cannabis education and says this program is important because of Nevada’s growing cannabis industry.

“It gives them that foundational understanding of the industry, the skills and knowledge needed to participate in each sector, and a certificate of completion from the university to enhance that credibility,” said Simon.

Courses are set to begin on July 10th, so there’s still plenty of time to sign up. You can find more information here.