Boat ramps reopen, business boosted at Lake Mead with higher water levels

Higher water levels are bringing back life to Lake Mead. More water in Lake Mead means more visitors and more business.
Published: May. 6, 2023 at 11:05 AM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - Higher water levels are bringing back life to Lake Mead. More water in Lake Mead means more visitors and more business. Businesses on the lake struggled when water levels dropped dramatically especially last summer.

Launch ramps at Callville Bay, Echo Bay and Temple Bar are now back open in addition to Hemenway Harbor which remained open.

Friday, FOX5 visited the small community of Temple Bar to find out the impact of the recent water release into Lake Mead.

“Two weeks ago, before they raised it three feet, it was very hard to launch but now it is normal and easy,” explained Jim Jared who had just returned from fishing with his friend Albert.

“Fishing is really phenomenal right now. We caught about 15 bass, 12 of them are what we call keepers, 13 inches or larger,” Jared stated.

“Caught a lot of fish in a short period of time… water level is coming up so fish like that,” Albert added. The duo threw all the fish back and the pair plans to come and try again over the weekend. Jared has been fishing Lake Mead since 1965 and had been waiting for water levels to rise to get back on the water.

“I watch it on the tablet every day and I knew it was up three feet,” Jared recounted.

Visitors are also enjoying the cabins and campgrounds like Jean Behnke New Hampshire and her husband.

“It is beautiful. I mean we have this great campsite with all these trees,” Behnke exclaimed.

“This place, the whole Lake Mead complex is a beautiful area, particularly for Easterners who want to get out of the winter,” her husband said.

FOX learn the motel at Temple Bar is sold out for the weekend. Boat rentals for fishing, water skiing, or wakeboarding and the restaurant will open up later this month.

“It is definitely picking up... There’s a lot more people here than last year,” contended David Proctor who works at Temple Bar Marina. Proctor would like to see even more water released into the lake from upstream.

“Absolutely, brings more revenue in, brings more people out to enjoy the water,” Proctor asserted.

The launch ramps at Callville Bay and Temple Bar are recommended for boats under 40 feet in length. Echo Bay’s pipe mat launch ramp is recommended for boats under 24 feet in length.