Business next to bus stop where several Las Vegas officers were injured says it’s a trouble spot

Published: Mar. 21, 2023 at 10:37 PM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - There are new calls for something to be done about crime at a southwest Las Vegas Valley bus stop after a barricade situation on an RTC bus Monday night left several officers injured.

Las Vegas Metro Police say 29-year-old Allyn McFarland bit an officer and hit others after he barricaded himself in a bus at a stop on Durango and Blue Diamond.

That bus stop is adjacent to Montana Meat Co.

“It’s the same old thing going on,” Montana Meat Co. general manager Scott Cheche said Tuesday. “This bus has not been good for us. It’s not been good for the businesses around us.”

Chceche had to put his restaurant on lockdown Monday night as police sorted out the aftermath of the barricade that happened just outside his doors. He says the bus stop has been more trouble than it’s worth.

“There’s usually only maybe one passenger when they get to this stop,” he explained. “And more often than not, that passenger is not a good passenger.”

“The people that I’ve had to kick out of here that come in here that are acting crazy are coming from that bus,” Cheche continued.

Bobby Choudhury has been coming to Montana Meat Co. ever since it opened in 2006.

“The entire area seems like it’s gotten a little degraded by the amount of crime and the unstable individuals who come off that bus,” Choudhury lamented.

Choudhury recalled an incident two months ago when a woman was accused of stealing an RTC bus. That incident, too, involved the bus stop right outside Montana Meat Co.

Still, Choudhury says he won’t let an uptick in crime keep him from coming to the restaurant.

“You can’t stop yourself by just staying home and ordering Postmates because you’re scared to go out,” he said. “So I’ll still come here.”

Both Cheche and Choudhury say they understand it’s difficult to simply take a bus stop out of service, but they do insist something could be done to make the area safer.

“How can we help rectify this situation if you’re transporting somebody to an area of businesses that might not want that person around here?” Cheche asked.

Police say one of the people injured was a security guard who was stationed on the bus. The officers who were hurt in the incident were treated at a nearby hospital and have been released.

Allyn McFarland has been booked into the Clark County Detention Center for mayhem and battery on a protected person.