Ghost’s Story: Elusive white dog spotted living with coyote pack in Henderson

Published: Feb. 2, 2023 at 9:06 PM PST
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - On the outskirts of Henderson, an all-white dog has been spotted living among coyotes in the open desert for months. Occasionally, it makes its way to the Inspirada neighborhood with its unlikely friends. The elusive creature appears to have not only been accepted by the pack but by some accounts leading it. It’s believed he was dumped in the desert as a puppy and the coyotes took him in as one of their own.

“It seems like he may have been put out there between seven and eight months and somehow or another, the coyotes just accepted him,” explained Susan McMullen of the Southern Nevada Trapping Team. McMullen revealed to FOX5′s Kim Passoth the first report of Ghost on social media was back in July. For the last seven months, when neighbors in Inspirada spotted Ghost, they posted sightings on neighborhood groups. True to his name, every time someone would approach him, Ghost would disappear. Recently, McMullen learned Ghost may be injured so she, along with her partner Timi Zondiros, became determined to rescue him and get him help.

“He was actually just running with them and eating with them, but then he started to limp, and we were afraid limping that the coyotes could turn on him,” McMullen shared. Neighbors shared maps of the paths Ghost would take. McMullen and Zondiros searched near homes and the open desert for days and hours on end.

“We were very nervous about where he was, how he was,” recalled Zondiros.

On Saturday night, all of their efforts paid off. Ghost walked into a crate baited with food.

“When he got into that crate…. He just sat down. I think he was also relieved,” Zondiros recounted.

“It is just that adrenal and excitement and relief… it was just a relief to get him out of there,” McMullen contended. Despite living out in the desert for months with a pack of coyotes, Ghost is as friendly as can be he takes to every human that he sees.

“He is the sweetest most loving dog… he comes up to you he wants to be petted, he wants to be held,” Zondiros asserted.

On the outskirts of Henderson, an all-white dog has been spotted living among coyotes in the open desert for months.

FOX5 met Ghost at At Your Service Pet Supply in Henderson just three days after his rescue where he roamed the aisles at Zondiros’s side like any other dog.

However, living for seven months among coyotes did not come without cost. Fights have scared his face and body. Ghost also has an ear infection, eye infection, skin issues, his scrotum needs to be removed entirely, and a broken toe needs to be amputated.

“He’s got some rocks in his belly because he was probably hungry and ate some rocks, so we are just going to watch those and hopefully those will pass so we don’t have to have yet another surgery,” McMullen added.

Showing no signs of aggression and given his young age, once his medical work is complete, Ghost will be up for adoption. Fully transitioning from living with coyotes to living with humans will take work.

“He is not crate trained. He is not leash trained… he doesn’t sleep at night. He paces; he pants, nighttime is really hard for him,” McMullen described.

“We would like for him to be adopted in a loving home where he is going to have a bed, a couch, people to hold him… I believe he is going to be the best dog because they are the most grateful, the ones that are rescued… they feel it.,” Zondiros said.

Ghost harbors no resentment toward humans despite being left for dead in the desert. He is ready to stop roaming and find a family who loves him and a forever home.

To assist with Ghost’s medical bills which are currently more than $4,000, visit this GoFundMe.