Las Vegas parents grieving young daughter who died one month before mom’s terminal illness diagnosis

A Las Vegas family is in the fight of their lives as they endure a string of tragedies and devastating news.
Published: Feb. 1, 2023 at 5:04 PM PST
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - A Las Vegas family is in the fight of their lives as they endure a string of tragedies and devastating news.

The family lost their 3-year-old who died from acute Leukemia. In a span of two months, the grieving parents are now dealing with more loss and heartbreak.

”You know I’m not sure if she heard us or not. I think she did, I think she felt we were there - she squeezed my hand 20 minutes before her heart stopped,” said Trap and Ashlee Gambino.

The two recall moments that no parent ever wants to experience. Their 3-year-old daughter died on November 28th, 2022.

“She was fine on Thanksgiving, dressing in her costume, asking us to go outside and eating. Then Saturday night around 6 o’clock she started puking, Sunday night we took her to the hospital and then Monday morning her heart stopped,” said Trap.

Rare cancer, acute leukemia, had hit little Katana Rose’s body.

They say she was healthy running around one day and then something went wrong.

“I noticed she just didn’t look right so we rushed her to the ER. We have never seen her like that before and went from sick throwing up like a normal kid to unresponsive,” said Trap.

Her heart stopped three times and by the third time, doctors could not revive her.

“It happens so fast I don’t even see her unhealthy it’s hard to comprehend she actually has cancer because she was so healthy,” said Trap.

The family moved to Las Vegas in 2017.

They say as soon as Katana was born on February 19, 2019, she was a fearless and rambunctious baby.

“She wanted to tell you stories every single day she set up a whole thing with all of her toys and intricate movie-worthy story every day all day loved paw patrol bubble puppies playing on the phone she showed e stuff on the phone she loved watching daddies fights too,” said Ashlee.

Trap and Ashlee were both MMA fighters competing all around the world.

“I’d put daddy’s fights on the tv and she would immediately [watch],” said Ashlee.

They say Katana’s love of music and dance... and her personality was electric.

“She’d be offended if you didn’t dance with her,” said Ashlee.

On their final goodbye on Dec. 13, the two decided to have Katana’s funeral in Ohio where the majority of the family lives.

Even through the midst of this pain, the two say if they could help anyone suffering through death or heartbreak. They hope to do just that.

“If our story helps anyone something positive from it,” said Trap.

“The power of love is stronger than anything if people can see that and use that no matter what it’s really important,” said Trap.

Ashlee, a month after Katana’s death, found out she had an incurable disease called idiopathic pulmonary hypertension.

She also lost her unborn child at 20 weeks, forcing her to terminate the pregnancy, and was given 5 to 10 years to live.

To assist the family during this difficult time visit here.