Surge of interest in backyard chickens after egg prices soar, owners lay out the facts

Published: Jan. 26, 2023 at 10:06 PM PST
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - Local chicken owners have seen a surge of interest in owning backyard coops since egg prices soared since the winter-- or, have increasingly turned to neighbors to ask for some free eggs.

“Daily, we get texts from friends and family: ‘got an extra dozen?’” said Lindsay Stahl, administrator of “Las Vegas Backyard Pet Chicken,” who sets aside free eggs for families in need.

“It brings us joy to give people eggs,” she said.

On the “Las Vegas Backyard Pet Chicken” page, dozens of people now join the group daily to learn more about chicken ownership-- and if it could be a solution to the empty shelves and high egg prices.

“We want to be there to teach. We are constantly learning. The biggest part is supporting people who have backyard chickens,” Stahl said, laying out the facts for owners. From a chicken coop, feed, antibiotics, and daily supplements, the costs of owning chickens quickly add up. “You’re not going to make a profit off of it. It’s an expensive hobby,” she said, reminding people that it’s illegal to sell your backyard eggs.

Many homes have associations that ban ownership, posing a barrier for many to have backyard chickens.

Stahl describes chicken ownership as more of a lifestyle and a passion for hand-raised, fresh produce. And-- chickens as beloved pets.

“They are very social. They talk to you and want to hang out. They are extremely friendly and smart,” Stahl said. “They make you laugh. They make you smile,” she said.

Stahl reminds people that chickens are social animals and any future owner needs at least two chickens.