Clark County leaders, Department of Family Services calls for higher pay for foster parents

Published: Jan. 21, 2023 at 7:28 AM PST
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - The need for foster parents in Clark County is still dire. Many, are now expressing concerns about the compensation for foster parents not being enough.

Clark County commissioner Justin Jones said he recognizes the compensation rate for foster parents needs to be raised and has plans to make this happen.

Foster parents are compensated between $500 and $700 when caring for a child.

“We heard of this week the rate that we pay for regular foster care families, and it hasn’t been adjusted or increased in more than 15 years and I think you heard me and others on the board gasp when we heard that,” said Jones.

County representatives from the department of family services also expressing the need for more funds.

“We had someone say well the reimbursement isn’t high enough to have people want to foster and we completely agree with that,” said public information coordinator for Clark County Holly Kelsven.

Jones said in the past, the county has been able to secure more money for specialized foster care which is foster parents caring for kids involved in the justice system or battling mental health issues and now plans to do the same all across the board.

“At least we got to compensate them for the time and effort that it takes to care for these kids to transport them to school, doctors’ visits, family visits etc.,” said Jones.

Jones said the county will not wait for the state for more funds.

“It will definitely go into effect next fiscal cycle but I definitely think you will see action from the board immediately,” said Jones.

On Tuesday, the county announced it will be holding an expedited recruitment session to help alleviate the foster parent shortage.

“So, we can get homes licensed faster and get those kids into those homes faster,” said Jones.

That expedited course is already full because of the tremendous interest in the rapid course.

Commissioner Jones also taking steps to make this more available.

“Because obviously if there are folks who want to do this and get licensed quickly, we are going to take advantage of that,” said Jones.