UMC holds job fair for employees laid off from Desert Springs Hospital

Published: Jan. 20, 2023 at 9:44 AM PST
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - UMC Hospital says it has 400 positions available in all departments.

“I hope there was a magic wand that could keep the desert springs open but that’s fantasy what I hope for is all of my fears they all find good jobs,” said Donna Solomon, a physical therapist who attended a job fair at UMC on Thursday. She has worked at Desert Springs for almost six years.

“I’m very sad, the hospital desert springs has a place in my heart and a place a lot in our collective hearts not only the people who work there but the community,” said Solomon.

One week ago, employees received a letter of notice that operational changes were going to happen.

Then hundreds of staff began to get notice of layoffs to come. Workers like Donna explained to FOX5 that her heart is broken to leave not only her peers but her patients.

“There’s still shock and aww we knew they were opening a new hospital but to get a 60-day notice and saying that’s it, I don’t have any anger towards anyone about that just wow,” said Solomon.

And many like her will miss the comradery and hope to find that at UMC.

“We talk to each other its not nurses talk to themselves, or everyone talks to each other housekeeping ebs dietary we all kinda work together so I’m a little sigh ok we can create that culture in other places,” said Solomon.

Hundreds of Desert Springs workers lined up to get interviewed on the spot.

Federlyn Beltran, an ICU nurse, was one of many who were hired on the spot.

“I’m elated excited actually, because UMC has been where I wanted to work, I’m so excited!”

A hopeful turn for Beltran.

Her process was fairly quick and that was the tone of the job fair. Leaders at UMC are working to get people in and out as they continue their work day.

Positions ranged from trauma to emergency room and clerical were available.

Ashley Nathan has worked patient registration at Desert Springs for the past five years.

She’s here to expand her future goals

Nathan had to explain to her family what was going on.

“They know that i’ve been there for so long thats my old stomping grounds so they were like it’s ok you can start over i know you’re sad to turn a leaf,” said Nathan.