Nevada among top 5 states with most expensive eggs, report says

Published: Jan. 19, 2023 at 6:48 AM PST
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - It’s been no secret that eggs have seen some of the largest price increases among items at the grocery store.

According to Instacart, data shows that the price of a dozen eggs has increased 54% year-over-year when they compared December 2022 to December 2021.

In order to complete the study, Instacart says it examined all purchases of one dozen eggs in the month of December 2022 to calculate the average price paid per state.

According to Instacart’s findings, the most expensive place to purchase a dozen eggs is in Hawaii where it will cost you $9.73.

Instacart Rising Cost of Eggs map
Instacart Rising Cost of Eggs map(Instacart)

The top five states spending the most on one dozen eggs are as follows:

  • Hawaii - $9.73 average (According to Instacart, Hawaii’s price is 53% more than runner up Florida)
  • Florida - $6.36 average
  • Alabama - $6.12 average
  • Nevada - $6.07 average According to Instacart, the Silver State is seeing a 59% year-over-year increase.
  • California - $6.05 average
Instacart 'Eggflation' map
Instacart 'Eggflation' map(Instacart)

According to Instacart, of the platform’s most populated regions, here are the top 10 locations where Instacart customers are spending - on average - the most on one dozen eggs, along with the year-over-year price increase:

  • Southeast Florida (Miami) - $6.67 average/ +48% increase
  • San Francisco Bay Area, California - $6.27 average/ +18% increase
  • Tampa, Florida - $6.23 average/ +60% increase
  • Orlando, Florida - $6.03 average/ 65% increase
  • Phoenix, Arizona - $6.03 average/ 71% increase
  • Orange County, California - $6.01 average/ +31% increase
  • San Diego, California - $5.87 average/ +30% increase
  • Charlotte, North Carolina - $5.84 average/ +68% increase
  • Nashville, Tennessee - $5.63 average/ +60% increase
  • Portland, Oregon - $4.93 average/ +13% increase

Instacart says it determined the growth rates of the average spend of a dozen eggs by comparing the average spend in Dec. 2022 to that of the average spend in Dec. 2021 per state.