Clark County passes cannabis policies including anti-DUI measures

Some businesses say they are concerned
Published: Dec. 20, 2022 at 10:47 PM PST
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - Clark County officials finally passed guidelines for local cannabis lounges, including anti-DUI measures that drew concerns from some business leaders.

Some of Clark County’s business license requirements for lounges include:

  • A security plan
  • A DUI prevention plan
  • Odor mitigation and ventilation plan
  • No visibility from the outside of any consumption
  • No removal of cannabis products or leftovers from any lounge
  • A 24-hour no-tow policy
  • A two-hour last call for serving cannabis

The Nevada Cannabis Association expressed concerns in a letter to commissioners over the 24-hour no-tow policy and two-hour last call for serving cannabis, making a final push to attempt to sway votes.

“Two hours is a very long time to operate without any revenue to offset expensive labor. Customers are free to leave-- and they will,” president Layke Martin said.

“The no-tow policy doesn’t speak to potential liability for damage or theft,” she said, voicing concerns that landlords would not be amenable to a lengthy no-tow restriction.

Commissioners could revisit the policies within a year or less to analyze the potential impact on businesses.

“Rolling out a two-hour last call, I can get behind that initially. And if we see that it’s having a major impact on the business licenses that are operating these entities, I think it would do us well to revisit that,” Commissioner William McCurdy II said.

The Cannabis Compliance Board granted 20 provisional licenses to establishments in unincorporated Clark County. Each would have to submit an application to the CCB prior to approval to open.