119 dogs at Las Vegas shelter in need of foster families over holiday season

Published: Dec. 21, 2022 at 8:24 AM PST
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - ”Is she eating out of the bag?”

A wagging tail, and a love for treats. Sasha, an 8 years old stray, that came into the Animal Foundation in September, is just a friendly pup just wanting some love.

“I picked her because she’s the sweetest dog with a great personality very calm she has a cute little underbite and sticks out her tongue at you and loving just the look in her eyes she’s a great dog,” said Jason Myer, her foster parent.

Myer, who’s been fostering for a few months, says it’s a win-win, he’s finding companionship and in turn helping dogs like Sasha acclimate to home life.

“Especially over the holidays it can get kind of lonely so just having someone there with you to enjoy the holiday time with she’s eating milk bons that’s one of her favorite treats,” said Myer.

Jason lost his dog of 13 years and since has had different traveling jobs, so he’s been unable to dedicate time to owning a dog. Fostering for him was a perfect fit.

“You get to learn a lot about the dog its not a big-time commitment they adjust to your schedule the animal foundation gives everything you need so it’s really about giving your time and your love,” said Jason.

Alec Petronsky, foster coordinator, says right now 119 dogs are up for fostering.

It’s beneficial for a dog who may need to learn a family or person’s habits.

“It helps them reset remove their stress and feel safe and show true personality something we can’t always see in the shelter due to the environment and other animals,” said Peronsky.

Petrsonsky says it also helps with foster families to see if a dog is the right fit.

“We’re asking folks to take an animal for at least a weeks’ time to give them time to relax see how they really are,” said Petronsky.

Sasha is available for adoption or fostering.

Visit animalfoundation.com for more information.