Report: Aunt split bottle of tequila with friend before fatal North Las Vegas crash

Published: Dec. 19, 2022 at 11:30 PM PST
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UPDATE (Dec. 20) -- KaLeah Manning made her first court appearance on Tuesday.

The children’s mother, Raenysha Washington, remains in the hospital.

Bail was set over the weekend. However, in court Tuesday, lawyer Dan Winder, who was just appointed to represent both women, says he will be asking for their release. Winder said the pair do not have an extensive criminal history and are in mourning.

Their next court date is set for January 4.

KaLeah Manning
KaLeah Manning(FOX5)

Original story continues below.

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - Disturbing new details about a suspected DUI crash that left a two- and three-year-old dead in North Las Vegas.

Police say the children’s aunt, KaLeah Manning, was driving drunk after splitting a bottle of tequila with a friend. Their mother, Raenysha Washington, who had also been drinking was in the passenger seat.

According to the report, the girl’s aunt failed to make a turn on Scott Robinson Boulevard. and slammed head-on into a large palm tree.

One of the girls was killed instantly, another died at the hospital and both the aunt and mother were seriously injured.

“Every day I wake up a part of me is missing,” Tavon Wilmer, father of 2-year-old Rose and 3-year-old Taylor Wilmer, shared with FOX5 at the vigil at the crash scene.

“My kids didn’t deserve this. They were beautiful kids. This is really hard,” Wilmer added.

According to a newly released report, before the crash, the girls and their mom were at a child’s birthday party. Their aunt, a delivery driver, picked them up in her van and took them to her friend’s house.

Once at the friends’ house, they removed the car seats from the vehicle because they belonged to the friend.

Their girl’s mom later told police she sold their car seats a week earlier. Both mom and aunt admitted to police they drank tequila. The girl’s mom telling police her sister and a friend finished an entire bottle.

The second row of seats in the van had been removed and the girls were put in the third row, belted in using seat belts from the second row.

The violent impact of the crash caused the mother’s spleen to rupture. The aunt suffered a ruptured bladder, spinal injury, and hip dislocation.

When officers arrived on the scene, a female adult driver was still sitting in the driver’s seat and was shaking the passenger trying to wake her. They reported she smelled like alcohol, had slurred her speech, and her eyes were bloodshot. Her blood alcohol was .19, more than twice the legal limit.

Manning told the officer, “I thought I was fine,” and that she usually doesn’t drive drunk.

When the girl’s mother was asked why she didn’t order an Uber, she told the officer she did not have money for it.

Manning faces multiple charges including DUI and child endangerment. She has been transported from the hospital, booked into CCDC, and is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday.

Washington faces charges of child endangerment and remains at UMC.