A’s future home will be decided in 2023

Time is running out on the city of Oakland solidifying a deal with the A’s.
Published: Dec. 9, 2022 at 11:28 PM PST
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - Time is running out on the city of Oakland solidifying a deal with the A’s.

“We’re past any reasonable timeline for the situation in Oakland to be resolved,” Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred said at the Winter Meetings in San Diego.

2022 will pass without a deal done in Oakland. Manfred said the A’s must find a home in 2023.

Oakland missed an October deadline for finalizing an agreement with the A’s on the $12 billion waterfront project. However, that is still the front runner for the A’s new location.

If Oakland doesn’t close the deal, a possible location for a stadium in Las Vegas could be just off the strip. Bally’s has expressed interest in using the land where the Tropicana Resort currently sits for a ballpark.

“They have got to make some decisions and some choices, but we’ve been in discussions and discussions with other partners as well,” Bally’s Corporation CEO Lee Fenton said in a November Earnings call. “We’re very much looking at the long-term plan for the Tropicana property, and that includes whether or not we could put a diamond in the middle.”

Manfred calls 2023 a big year for the future of the franchise. Under MLB’s labor agreement, if the A’s don’t have a deal for a ballpark by January of 2024, they will no longer receive revenue-sharing funds.

Manfred said the A’s relocation fee will be waived if the team moves to Las Vegas.

The A’s lease at the Oakland Coliseum ends in 2024.