Shortage of hospital cribs, pediatric beds in Southern Nevada as RSV cases climb

Published: Dec. 7, 2022 at 10:38 PM PST
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - The rise of RSV cases across Nevada has led to a shortage of hospital cribs and pediatric beds, according to the Nevada Hospital Association.

“This week, supplies in southern Nevada have been elevated to an alert level as hospitals have requested assistance getting pediatric beds and cribs as they expand services to meet the rising demand. There is a recognized shortage of this equipment nationally as the pediatric surge placed unanticipated pressures on suppliers and manufacturers,” the association stated in its latest report.

Pediatric patient numbers remain at near or at 100% capacity statewide, the association said.

“We’ve been fielding calls for probably the last month, month and a half from health care facilities around the country. And as soon as we can capture them, we bring them in-- but demand is very high. And typically a lot of that equipment is already sold before it even hits our door,” said Cliff Galante of Gumbo Medical, LLC. Every bed in stock is currently spoken for, the company said.

Some pediatric beds were recently purchased by a facility in Georgia; calls have come from as far away as New York.

The problem extends nationwide, as manufacturers still are impacted by supply chain issues and struggle to keep up with surging demand.

“As a parent, I’m currently concerned because there’s currently no vaccine for RSV. If children get really sick, they have to go to the hospital and hopefully there are enough beds there for health care professionals to treat children,” Galante said.

Galante believes that supplies will finally normalize after flu season is over.