Las Vegas minster turns to social media to find housing and job for homeless construction worker

We all run into rough patches in life and need a little help to get back on track.
Published: Nov. 23, 2022 at 8:10 PM PST
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - We all run into rough patches in life and need a little help to get back on track. That can be said for Terry Barton who found himself homeless on the streets of downtown Las Vegas. He tells FOX5 he was in Las Vegas working a few years ago and then moved to Florida. But he found himself out of work in Florida after the Covid pandemic. He then was offered a job and a free place to stay back in Las Vegas if he remained at a construction company.

“Three days later I arrived on Greyhound, and I got here. And I called him and let him know I was here. Unfortunately, he had no work and no housing for me, and I ended up on the street,” said Barton.

Barton said there have been times when he hasn’t eaten for several days and says it’s cold downtown on the sidewalk, even in a sleeping bag. He called life on the street “miserable.”

Barton was in a food line recently when he came across local activist and community advocate Minister “Stretch” Sanders.

“He mentioned to me that he had a Bachelor of Science Degree in engineering, and I was really intrigued by that, considering the fact that he also disclosed to me that he was also sleeping on the street,” Sanders told FOX5.

Sanders then took a photo with Barton and posted it on Facebook asking for help finding Barton a job and a place to stay.

“This is something that we all should be doing. How many times do we walk past a human being, act like they’re invisible? Just because you’re on the street doesn’t mean that you’re a second-class citizen,” said Sanders.

“It’s good. People like this don’t come along all the time. Mainly everybody just walks by you,” said Barton.

Sanders says he might have some leads on a place for Barton to stay, but nothing solid on a job yet.