Tiny home project for seniors gets green light in Las Vegas

Published: Nov. 15, 2022 at 8:19 AM PST
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) -A tiny home project for seniors in the City of Las Vegas was given the green light, and developers hope it could be a quicker solution to provide more residences in the Valley’s housing shortage.

The Nevada Housing Coalition said the Silver State lacks 84,000 units for those with extremely low incomes; there are approximately 25,000 seniors who are “extremely low income,” the organization said.

According to Jess Molasky of Ovation Development, the City of Las Vegas requested that developers design a affordable housing community for the forthcoming property at Rome and Decatur Boulevard with tiny homes in mind. The city already has a tiny home and Airstream community off Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas, but according to Molasky, this could be the Valley’s first major development project with multiple tiny homes.

“You’ll have to be on certain amounts of income levels, but it’s really your teachers, it’s your grocery store workers. I think what’s exciting about the tiny home option at this property is you get sort of that sense of independence while you’re still living in this amazing community, with amenities and all the wraparound services that we bring to the residents,” Molasky said. Those who can live in the 48 tiny home units must be 55 years and older. There are plans for community events such as doctor visits, hair and nail services and other activities for senior residents, Molasky said.

Smaller tiny home units require less land, are less costly and less time-consuming to build; Molasky said they also provide lower rent, low utility costs and less maintenance for residents.

“You can shrink the footprint of the home, but still deliver really good quality product. We could bring on a lot more... Hopefully, if developers keep building and the city can keep incentivizing development, all rents could come down a little bit,” Molasky said, who hopes Ovation can build more tiny homes in the future.

The timeframe for completion could be 18 to 24 months.