When will we know who has won Nevada races?

Published: Nov. 9, 2022 at 10:41 PM PST
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - Votes continue to roll in after Election Day in Nevada, ballots dropped in the mail on Election Day or the days before continue to arrive at county election departments.

In Clark County, about 13,000 more votes were added to the count Wednesday and tens of thousands have yet to be counted.

With many races separated by small margins in ballots counted so far, the votes yet to be counted could make all the difference in smaller races like city council up to the biggest races in the state including US Senate and Governor races.

“The mail will continue to process every day and the curing processing takes place every day as well,” explained Joe Gloria, Clark County’s top election official. Mail-in ballots are still coming in, thousands of votes need to be cured or signatures verified, and provisional ballots verified.

“The mail can come through until this Saturday. As long as it is postmarked by November 8th,” Gloria shared.

On Election Day alone, about 60,000 voters in Clark County dropped off a mail-in ballot at a polling location. It is unclear when those results will be tabulated and reported. All in-person votes have been counted.

About 5,300 ballots still need to be “cured” in Clark County. If a ballot needs to be cured, it’s because the Elections Department noticed an irregularity in the signature between the ballot and the voter registration.

“The cure runs through Monday. Which is November 14th. So, anybody on the cure list, which means we couldn’t match their signature to what we have on file, they have until Monday, close of business in order to get that ballot cured,” Gloria stated.

Voters who need to verify their signature or cure their ballot will be notified by the Elections Department.

Gloria also said 5,555 provisional ballots need to be verified and counted but first, those voters who registered to vote at the polls on Election Day must be verified by the Secretary of State as valid voters which won’t happen until at least Tuesday.

“We are hoping that those will get counted by Wednesday,” Gloria added.

In Washoe County, live cams showed counting throughout the day. They also expect ballots to continue to come in through the mail in the coming days, in addition to what they got Wednesday.

“We received an additional 11 trays of ballots from the post office today, we are still checking those in, so I don’t have hard numbers. Those trays fit about 400 ballots,” shared Jamie Rodriguez Interim Registrar of Voters in Washoe County.

As for Nye County where volunteers were sworn in last month before a hand count of mail-in ballots was stopped by court order, that count has yet to resume. Their numbers instead are coming from tabulating machines.

The deadline for all votes to be counted in Nevada is Thursday, November 17th. According to state law, that’s when counties must send their official numbers to the Secretary of State.

If Clark County officials have notified you that you were placed on the cure list, you are asked to call (702) 455-6552 to resolve the issue and make your vote count. The deadline is Monday.