As homeowners share ongoing problems in Las Vegas new-build homes, is quality falling between the cracks?

Published: Nov. 5, 2022 at 7:54 AM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - Homeowners throughout the Las Vegas Valley in brand new homes say they’re dealing with ongoing problems that range from small to major.

In August, FOX5 introduced you to a Henderson couple who moved into their new home in May and reported cosmetic issues they noticed right away. Some of the issues included doors not closing smoothly or the right appliances being installed. The story resonated with a lot of viewers. We received messages from homeowners across the valley living in different communities that shared their own stories of purchasing a brand new home and discovering issues.

Mike and Olivia Krcelic moved into their new build home in December of 2021. They noticed things right away.

“Immediately, immediately as you go through the house and you’re putting things away you notice our cabinets are not leveled right there were broken pieces on it, the floor was cracking. There were just things that were missed in terms of drywall,” Olivia Krcelic said.

Since December they’ve been dealing with customer service and waiting on trades to show up for repairs. Trades include carpenters, electricians, drywall installers and others.

“I mean they call and they say we’re going to be here tomorrow we change whatever we have and we’re here waiting for them- sometimes they show sometimes they don’t. And the window is not like 8 o’clock, it’s 8-10, 8-12,” Olivia Krcelic said.

After it rained this summer, Olivia heard dripping in the wall.

“When they came they determined that our AC unit was reversed- the pipes were reversed,” Olivia Krcelic said. She said her next door neighbor checked his AC and his pipes were installed in reverse too.

The two week fix turned into a month to repair and there are other areas of concern.

“There’s casing around the windows and when it’s really warm it kind of pops out and when we asked the window company they said oh you just need to pop it in. Now the home we lived in Southern California we lived there for 30 years and I never had to pop anything back in,” Olivia Krcelic said.

They’re documenting everything before their one year warranty ends. Krcelic said it’s like keeping a legal case. They had a total of six pages full of issues.

“Inch by inch and make sure everything is done because once that December 3rd date is over it’s on us,” Olivia Krcelic said.

A few minutes away in the same community, Doug and Sue Perns moved into their new home in September of 2021. The former Metro officer and teacher lived in Henderson for over 30 years. This is their retirement home.

Doug said during their final walk-through there were already issues they noticed like some of the baseboards weren’t completed.

“They pretty much strong armed us into trying to close in August when it wasn’t even close to being done. The big thing that they throw at the homeowner every day -you don’t close it’s a $400 fine or a $400 fee,” Doug Perns said.

Their field supervisor extended for another four days to get some of the issues fixed.

After three months of living in their home, they noticed a small crack above the kitchen counter.

“So that was from mid-December until now and it’s approximately 35 feet if not more long,” Doug Perns said.

The 35-foot crack stretches from their kitchen to their living room ceiling.

FOX5 spoke with the Perns in September. Their living room was completely cleared and their suitcases were packed because, for two weeks, they had to move out and relinquish their keys while the builder got it repaired.

“We paid a lot of money for this house and it’s just very upsetting- we have yet to have a housewarming party here because we’re embarrassed, we’re embarrassed to have people come into this house knowing what we paid and see a crack from the kitchen all the way to the family room,” Doug Perns said.

Perns said the builder is reimbursing the couple $155 a night to be housed and $35 each for food.

“I just hope they do it right. I mean what happens when the warranty runs out in another year and some of these homeowners haven’t noticed a crack? Or the crack occurs after their one year who’s responsible after that?,” Doug Perns said.

They don’t know if it’s a construction issue or a compaction settling issue. But the couple does know they are not the only ones that have had to move out temporarily to get cracks on the ceilings repaired.

“I don’t know if you need more supervisors I just think you need to slow down, pay attention, and have pride in your work that’s the issue I have,” Doug Perns said.

His wife Sue said there’s another couple that has found cracks. They are waiting to see how repairs go for the Perns first before they get theirs done.

“Nobody is advertising that these problems are happening- we’re all having to advocate for ourselves and find people who had the same problem,” Sue Perns said.

On the complete opposite side of the valley, a homeowner who did not want to go on camera said she closed on her house in August of 2021.

At first, there were minor cosmetic issues but then over time, she noticed one of the room floors is slanting in, and the bathtub upstairs is bowed so it flexes against the wall.

And 3-4 months ago she noticed a crack above her kitchen and living room.

“Now we’re seeing cracks in the ceiling, I just don’t even know there’s just so many issues. I guess one of the biggest issues is that our pantry- in the summer- our food- it got so hot in the pantry that our food spoiled and melted. We had chocolate in there that melted peanut butter that was like soup. When I first reached out to (the builder) their fix was to keep the door open. So after months and months of back and forth they now suddenly have a fix that involves putting a vent in there,” the homeowner said.

She said there needs to be some accountability.

“I’m honestly tired of hearing the excuse, oh labor shortages or you know supply chain issues- well then, wait don’t tell us a closing date if you’re going to have to push it out. Do a good job the first time so we’re not constantly having people coming in and out of our house for over a year having to rearrange our work schedules, school schedules, whatever we have going on,” the homeowner said.

We reached out the builders, some have yet to respond, one builder said leadership is unable to speak at this time.

Next Wednesday, FOX5 will air part two. We sit down with a former field supervisor who worked for one of the local builders in the valley. He talks about why homeowners are experiencing so many workmanship issues. We also hear from the Nevada State Contractors Board if they’re seeing an uptick in complaints filed against new home build companies.

If you are a homeowner that would like to speak to FOX5 on camera about major problems in your brand new home or have already filed a complaint against the NSCB, please email our desk at