Southern Nevada cannabis lounge applicants one step closer to getting license

Published: Nov. 3, 2022 at 9:19 AM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - Weed lounges are coming soon after the deadline just passed on October 31, to apply for a license. The Cannabis Compliance Board of Nevada will be picking 20 winners out of more than 100 to open up shop.

Applicants are split into categories, essentially those who are independently applying and then those in the social equity category.

A’esha Goins works as an advocate for those who are in the social equity group - her organization Cannabis Equity and Inclusion community specifically helps people get their application process going. To be in this category there are three strict categories one has to meet. One that really stood out was being a convicted of a nonviolent felony and or misdemeanor cannabis offense... These applicants pay about a quarter less for the application just 2500 as opposed to 10,000 and have a higher chance of being picked simply because there are only about 30 people that meet these requirements... 70 applicants are in the independent category or those who don’t really need the help financially.

10 in each category will be picked in a lottery from the cannabis board to get a license.

Goins explains of one of the people she helped get her foot in the door.

“I have a young lady her name is Rachel she was actually in the penitentiary for 20 years almost and she came into the program considering some ideas of just learning some information and she’s one of those people who were in the application process she was very afraid of success she came into the program just thinking she would learn something she’s leaving with the possibility of owning something,” said Goins.

The 20 slots will be picked early December, Nevada will be the first state in the country by the way that will actually sell marijuana at these cannabis lounges.

We’ll keep you updated on who gets chosen and where these lounges will be set up.