Formula 1 fans excited for launch event and Las Vegas Grand Prix

Published: Nov. 3, 2022 at 9:13 AM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - Engines are revved up, cars are shiny, excitement in the air, while Formula one drivers have hit different cities, here at home, preparations in place to get the strip ready.

It’s a multi-billion-dollar project, and it’s no surprise Las Vegas is getting a lot of attention.

Places like the Vegas Speed in Las Vegas, they’re getting calls nonstop from people all over the country and people pending hundreds of dollars to get into an exotic car to experience just a bit of what we’ll see come November 2023.

“We feel people are more and more into racing because formula 1 it’s so interesting for everyone all of a sudden and they all want to feel the same way these formula 1 drivers feel,” said Doreen Seidel, director of communications Speed Vegas

And if that means getting behind the wheel people are willing to shell out the big bucks.

“We see so much excitement in this town with formula one coming to Las Vegas its amazing,” said Seidel.

Starting at 200 dollars renting an exotic car, can go up to 600 dollars for 5 laps.

Doreen Seidel originally from Germany is the director of communications at Speed Vegas, just over the last few years, she’s seen an explosion of fans wanting to test out a super car.

“We have about 150 to 200 drivers every single day all over the world to drive these supercars,” said Seidel.

While making its debut on the f1 circuit as the Las Vegas Grand Prix next year.

Formula one racing began back in 1950 in Europe, and recently with thanks to Netflix… a documentary showcasing it’s appeal it’s boomed here in America.

Which means for Seidel business has been the best it’s ever been. “We are sold out on a regular basis,” said Seidel.

“The Porsches, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, humongously proud,” said Mike Hayes.

Mike Hayes has worked here for 9 years… an instructor and of course car enthusiast says he’s thrilled to see the city get recognition…

“Astronomically insane but at the same time is we saw a huge influx of people with FIA, F1 fans on top of everything else more involved with formula one we’re the mecca of where you can be your own Lewis Hamilton, Charles le Clerc and while being safe all at the same time,” said Hayes.