Deaf 5-year-old has amazing reaction to seeing deaf character on kids’ TV show

A video shows 5-year-old Silas react to a deaf character on “Dino Dana." (Source: @feliciaaquilo / MAGNIFI U /TMX)
Published: Oct. 28, 2022 at 1:54 PM PDT
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(Gray News) – A deaf 5-year-old’s shocked reaction to seeing a deaf character on a children’s TV series is why his mom says representation matters.

A video shared by Instagram user @feliciaaquilo shows her deaf son, Silas, reacting to the appearance of a character on “Dino Dana,” a Canadian television series for kids on Amazon Prime Video.

The character appears to be wearing a hearing aid.

“Wow, he’s deaf,” Silas says while signing “deaf.”

“Just like who?” his mom says.

“Like me!” Silas says.

Silas has cochlear implants, electronic devices with an external portion, and a surgically implanted portion that allows him to perceive sound.

His mom said Silas’ development of spoken language since receiving the device has been “a beautiful, unexpected and ongoing journey. His progress is unbelievable.”